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Digital Stakeholders Gather to Discuss Cybersecurity

Jakarta Globe
August 14, 2021 | 1:28 pm
Cyber Intelligence Forum poster. (Photo Courtesy of Mastel)
Cyber Intelligence Forum poster. (Photo Courtesy of Mastel)

Jakarta. Cyber Intelligence Forum Indonesia 2021 kicked off on Thursday to give the floor for experts and decision-makers to discuss cybersecurity and data defense​​, among others.

“Themed ‘Threat Landscape for Indonesia’s Digital Leaders’, the event [enables] digital leaders to share their knowledge and best practices on cybersecurity and benchmarking for the future,” the Indonesian Telecommunication Society (Mastel) chairman Sarwoto Atmosutarno said in a recent statement.

With the surge in cyberattacks across the globe, the world has entered the cyber warfare phase. This calls for the need for all stakeholders —be it from the public or private sector— to sit together and find the solution, according to Adhouse Clarion Events president director Toerangga Poetra.

“This forum provides space for the development of cutting-edge technology in the cyber field and facilitates stakeholders to help realize an advanced tech infrastructure [and eventually] cyber technology independence in Indonesia,” Toerangga said. 

Hosting the forum are GovWare, Adhouse Clarion Events, and Mastel. Until now, more than 1,000 visitors have signed up to tune into the discussions, which will last until September 12. 

At least 32 speakers from the government to prominent technology firms will share their expertise. Among them are Anton Setiyawan and Adi Nugroho from the  National Cyber and Encryption Agency (BSSN). As well as Sri Safitri, the deputy EVP CX and digitalization at Telkom Indonesia. Participants can easily network based on their interests, industry, or sought products, thanks to the AI-equipped chat and business meetings features.

In his opening remarks, Samuel Abrijani Pangerapan —the director general of informatics applications at the Communication and Information Technology Ministry— said Indonesia currently has 30 regulations on personal data. 

For this, the government feels the need to establish a comprehensive source of personal data protection regulations. This leads to the personal data protection bill, which is currently under discussion at the House of Representatives.

“Hopefully, the bill can be passed into law in 2021, so it can become a guideline for the government, society, and industry in protecting personal data in the country,” Samuel said.

During the discussions, tech giant Huawei Indonesia brought the forum’s attention to 5G technology. Trust in 5G security has become a major concern for countries across the globe as the world becomes increasingly digital.

“Huawei believes that trust should be based on verifiable facts, which in turn should be based on shared standards. GSMA and 3GPP have worked alongside cellular industry stakeholders to promote NESAS as a security assurance specification standard that has been widely accepted by the industry,” Syarbeni, the cyber security and privacy protection officer at Huawei Indonesia, said. 

“We believe that this is an effective way to build trust in the digital age,” he added.

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