Disinfectants were sprayed at one of D'Paragon boarding house in Yogyakarta. (Photo Courtesy of DParagon)

D'Paragon Boarding Houses Keep Hygiene in Check During Pandemic


MARCH 26, 2020

Yogyakarta. In times of self-quarantine, making sure that your boarding house follows the necessary hygiene guidelines can be one way to flatten the Covid-19 curve.

Despite the triple digit surge of confirmed cases on Thursday, the government still rules out the option of imposing a lockdown to keep the highly contagious virus at bay.

Instead, the government is still aggressively reinforcing physical distancing - the new term for "social distancing" - of staying at home and avoiding close physical contact.

For some, staying at "home", however, means to remain at their boarding house.

Usually at a close range from offices and universities, a boarding house offers affordable single rooms typically rented by students and employees to save commuting costs and time. Also available for a night's stay, businessmen opt for this type of accommodation instead of overpriced hotels for their business trips.

Amid the heightened concerns, these boarders choose to remain at their rented room as they fear of becoming asymptomatic carriers if they return to their homes.

With more time spent indoors, Indonesian exclusive boarding house developer Royal D'Paragon Land aims to keep their premise as pristine as possible to prevent its renters from catching the virus during self-quarantine.

"As part of the hospitality industry, we have always complied with the government. We have implemented several hygiene measures be it within our internal team or across the D'Paragon network in the archipelago," Royal D'Paragon Land chief executive Syarif Hidayat said in Yogyakarta on Thursday.

For starters, disinfectant sprayers are placed at the lobby.

Sanitizers are available at every corner of the premise to ensure the tenants are virus free prior to entering their rooms.

Visitor's reservations will also be refunded if they fail to pass the mandatory thermal check, Hidayat said.

Disinfectants are regularly sprayed at a three-day interval for monthly renters. For one-day rent, the rooms are immediately disinfected as soon as the guest checks out.

With people reportedly discarding self-quarantine practices out of boredom, D'Paragon keeps their monthly renters entertained with a free Netflix subscription.

Annual Bonus in Good Hands

Covid-19 has taken a massive toll on various sectors including employment. Many companies are forced to lay off their employees under the grim circumstances. Others have considered cutting off the long-awaited annual salary bonus due to the pandemic-induced financial losses.

However, D'Paragon assures that no employee will be laid off.

"We are also granting them their right of receiving the salary bonus for Eid," Hidayat said.

In 2018, the pioneer for exclusive boarding house in Indonesia had also signed a joint venture with American real estate developer Stern Resources (SR). Following the joint venture, 43 buildings have been erected in major cities across the country.

SR board of directors member Cameron Hume said that the company is in full support for a continuous joint venture and its partner's initiatives to curb the Covid-19 spread.

With a robust healthcare system and increased compliance with the physical distancing measure, the global pandemic will hopefully end and businesses can get back on their feet, the former US ambassador to Indonesia said.