Djelas Tandatangan Bersama. (Photo Courtesy of DTB)

DTB Now Officially Registered as Subordinate Certification Authority


JANUARY 13, 2021

Jakarta. Djelas Tandatangan Bersama, or DTB, is now officially registered as the first subordinate certification authority at the Communication and Information Technology Ministry.

The digital signature startup, with Téken Aja! ("Just Sign It!") as its product, has passed the ministry's audit process and testing. This further proves DTB's ability in ensuring data confidentiality, authenticity, non-repudiation, and electronic document protection.

"Not only [Téken Aja!] is safe, it is also environmentally friendly because it reduces paper usage, saves space, and is easy to use," DTB president director Alwin Jabarti Kiemas said in his official statement on Tuesday.

DTB was first established in 2020. The company had also secured a joint venture partnership with Global Digital International, a funding agency under GDP Venture.

"Digital signature has the potential to support Indonesia's digitalization. This is why we have decided to partner [with DTB]. Using [Téken Aja!] is a breeze as the name suggests," Benny Sudrata, GDP Venture chief financial official and part of DTB board of directors, said.

Although relatively new, DTB is run by experts with experience in the technology field.

One of them is DTB's chief information security officer Aidil Chendramata. Aidil was once the information security director at the Communication and Information Technology Ministry since 2006. He then retired in 2018.

"Téken Aja! is designed using a high-level technology and security system, namely the public key infrastructure," he said.

According to Aidil, public key infrastructure implements numerous cryptography techniques for data security. As well as the authenticity and integrity of both the data and its sender. It also helps prevent information repudiation and thus it cannot be falsified or duplicated.

Aidil hopes this digital signature system can help propel Indonesia towards digitalization, with integrity and safety.