An artisan works on a cartoon character piggy bank for children in Solo, Central Java, on Jan. 11, 2016. (Antara Photo/Maulana Surya)

Eastspring Teams Up with Moduit for Money Parenting Campaign


APRIL 09, 2021

Jakarta. Investment manager Eastspring Indonesia along with fintech firm Moduit Digital Indonesia recently launched a campaign to raise awareness about money parenting.

Eastspring Investments recently surveyed 10,000 parents in nine Asian markets, including Indonesia, on money parenting.

The survey showed 51 percent of the parent respondents are unsure whether they are good financial teachers to their children. However, 95 percent of the respondents agree how important it is to instill money management skills onto their kids. 

Also, 43 percent of the parent respondents seek to learn more on financial management to become better financial role models for their own children.

To this end, Eastspring Investments has developed a microsite for parents to learn more on money parenting. Parents can also discover their money parenting style and what suits their child the best.

"Parents are their children's first teachers and schools. They play a crucial role in shaping the children's understanding and habits on spending," Eastspring Indonesia president director Alan J. Tangkas Darmawan said in a statement on Friday.

As part of the campaign, Moduit will offer Eastspring's three mutual fund products on their platform to enable parents to invest to manage their children's finances. These products are Eastspring Investments Value Discovery, Eastspring Investments Yield Discovery, and Eastspring Investments Cash Reserve. 

Moduit chief marketing officer Stefanus Adi Utomo said "the money parenting [campaign] will help parents to teach money management onto their kids since an early age."

Parents can invest at ease via the Moduit mobile app with an investment starting from Rp 10,000 ($0.68). Opening an account also only requires the child's identity card and a bank account with the said child's name.

Also, both Eastspring Indonesia and Moduit will hold a webinar titled #MoneyParenting-Do it Right Together next Monday. Registration is available on this link.