Indosterling Technomedia president director Billy Andrian. (Photo Courtesy of Edufecta)

Edufecta Aims for Primary, Secondary Education Market

SEPTEMBER 19, 2022

Jakarta. Edutech platform Edufecta, which currently focuses on digitizing private universities, recently announced its plans to expand into a new market, namely primary and secondary education.

Edufecta is developed by the digital technology Indosterling Technomedia which is also known by the ticker symbol TECH. 


Edufecta reported it had optimized the learning system of more than 1,000 private universities and is now eyeing primary and secondary schools.

According to Indosterling Technomedia president director Billy Andrian, Edufecta seeks to expand its market reach to accelerate digitalization in Indonesia’s education.

"We aim to expand this market to contribute to improving Indonesian education standards. Digitalization of learning is an unavoidable need nowadays," Billy said in Jakarta on Monday.

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) reported that during the 2020/2021 school year, there were 45.21 million students in Indonesia. About 24.84 million (54.95 percent) were elementary school students.  Around 10.09 million students were junior high school students, and 5.01 million others were in high school. The students were mostly concentrated in the island of Java. 

Judging by this data, Billy called for the expansion and acceleration of digital transformation in primary and secondary education. 

The government’s flagship education policy Merdeka Belajar (‘Freedom of Learning’) aims to expedite the digitalization in the education sector, among others.

Digitalization is not only limited to administrative data but also the use of digital facilities as learning resources, and learning tools, as well as the ability to access information that will help improve the quality of learning.

"In accordance with the main vision as a big data enabler, Edufecta will continue to build a big data pipeline in the formal education sector. This is where the process of digitizing education at the primary and secondary levels becomes important," Billy said.

Technomedia Interkom Cemerlang (Edufecta) chief executive officer Ucu Komarudin said that Edufecta could make it easier for the education ecosystem to digitize learning.

"Edufecta is here to build an educational pipeline to improve the quality of the academic path. It is also a solution to answer the challenges of an increasingly dynamic business world today and in the future," Ucu said.