Automotive lubricant Federal Oil launches a new generation of products in Jakarta on March 8, 2022. (Photo Courtesy of Federal Oil)

Federal Oil Launches New Generation of Products

MARCH 24, 2022

Jakarta. Motorcycle lubricant producer Federal Oil recently launched a new generation of products for both automatic and manual motorcycles, while also rolling out a fresh and environmentally-friendly packaging.

“This new generation comes with an innovative formula that can optimize the motor engine. [The packaging] also has features that can help consumers choose the right product and check the authenticity and quality,” Hasril Arsyad, the Federal Oil brand manager at ExxonMobil Lubricants Indonesia, said in a recent press statement.

Federal Oil presents three product categories with a total of eight variants. 

The first product category is the Federal Matic™, which is specialized for automatic transmission motorcycles. It comes in five variants, namely Federal Matic™ 30, Federal Matic™ 40, Federal Matic™ Ultratec 30, Federal Matic™ Y40, and Federal  Matic™ Gear Oil.


Next category is the Federal Ultratec which is dedicated for manual transmission motorcycles or underbones. This category has two variants — Federal Ultratec XX and Federal Ultratec.

Last but not least is Federal Racing which is specifically designed for high-performing manual motorcycles. 

Federal Oil also announced a new packaging that is informative, thus making it easier for people to shop for the suitable lubricant. The new bottle boasts a batik motif carvings to reflect Indonesia’s identity. Consumers can also scan the new QR code on Federal Oil’s bottle to check the product’s authenticity.

Federal Oil uses recycled materials from its used bottles for its new packaging. The recently announced bottle is also much lighter than its predecessor.

According to Patrick Adhiatmadja, the executive advisor for Federal Karyatama and ExxonMobil Lubricants Indonesia, the automotive market—particularly motorcycle sales— booked a positive performance in late 2021.

“We see an opportunity for an increase in lubricant demand. This is why we continue to adapt and innovate amid the Covid-19 pandemic by researching and listening to the consumer’s needs. We commit to keep on delivering quality products, so consumers make Federal Oil as the top choice for their motor vehicles,” Patrick said.