Children playing football at Sekolah Pelita Harapan Summer Program back in 2020. (Photo Courtesy of Sekolah Pelita Harapan)

Five Ways to Make Your Children's Holiday Productive

MAY 07, 2021

Jakarta. The summer holiday is approaching. If your kids have been stuck at home and you're itching for them to be a little more productive and not just bum around, we've got you. You probably are thinking, with tons of programs out there, where do I start?

Find activities that your child is interested in

Every child is different, and motivating them to do something can be a challenge. Ask them what activities do they like? If it's sports, get on sports, or if it's cooking or baking, there are many activities out there to choose from. Don't just pick for the sake of it but make sure they come back happy, rejuvenated, and learn something amazing!

Get out or stay online?

Maybe it's a good time to get out and stretch those legs. Many outdoor activities are safe! Outdoor activities are not only sports but also nature and adventure camps and science experiment classes as well. If your child is happy staying at home, there are plenty of online programs from public speaking, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and even short university courses. They cater to almost all ages, and certainly, there's one that is the right fit.

Choose a reputable provider

Knowing there are so many summer program providers from schools, tuition centers, recreation centers, and plenty more offering summer programs, but how do you select them? Always go for a brand or provider that is trusted. Search them up on the web, and please ask your friends and family. They are your best recommenders.

Get university credits for a head start

If you have teenagers at your home, letting a head start before going into university has many benefits. Take it as a pre-preparation before university life. Some reputable universities like Dordt and Biola provide holiday courses with university credits. Look out for these kinds of programs offered by the university your child is looking for.

Make sure it's safe

If it's an on-site or face-to-face activity, you'll want to ensure it is safe with all the right health protocols in place – physical distancing, mask on, and hand hygiene. Ask all the questions to make sure that the right measures are taken.

Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) is holding its Summer Program this year from June 2 to July 30, 2021, to make your children's holiday fun, memorable, and productive. The program is open to the public, both SPH and non-SPH students.

Up from kindergarten to high school, students can join the classes with many interesting options, starting from sports classes such as golf and swimming to soft-skill classes such as public speaking and entrepreneurship, and many more. We also partner with reputable universities from the US such as Dordt University, Biola University, and Covenant College to hold university short courses for high schoolers. 

SPH adapts by providing two choices during the pandemic: participants can either choose online or onsite classes. For the onsite classes, we ensure to apply strict health and safety protocols.

SPH Summer Program has become one of the most prominent programs for more than 12 years. This year, we are committed to bringing your children an unforgettable summer camp once again.

SPH offers you a 20 percent Early Bird discount before May 30, 2021, using promo code EARLY20. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity and register your children in SPH Summer Program now!

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