FOI volunteer distributed a donation of Susu Bendera powder milk to the preschoolers in Paud Bina Balita Mungil in Palmeriam, East Jakarta, on Dec 17. (Photo Courtesy of Frisian Flag)

Frisian Flag Teams Up with Foodbank of Indonesia to End Child Hunger


DECEMBER 19, 2020

Jakarta. Milk producer Frisian Flag Indonesia has joined forces with Foodbank of Indonesia, or FOI, in their "Aksi 1,000 Bunda Untuk Indonesia" — 1,000 Mothers for Indonesia campaign to end child hunger. 

According to the Health Ministry's research in 2018, 3.9 percent of toddlers were severely malnourished, and 13.8 others were underweight. A whopping 30.8 percent also suffered from stunting. The ministry found parenting style was one of the dominant factors that affected a child's growth.


Also, FOI research revealed 27 percent of Indonesia's toddlers do not have breakfast before going to preschools (Paud). The number can even reach 40 to 50 percent of toddlers in dense, poor urban areas. Children are also unable to focus in class when on an empty stomach.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also worsened hunger among Indonesia's toddlers. Poverty and declining purchasing power make it difficult for low-income families to access nutritious food. This prompted Frisian Flag and FOI to hold the Aksi 1,000 Bunda campaign in 15 cities, including Jakarta, Palembang, and Bogor.

The program provides access to nutritious food -- including Frisian Flag, also known locally as Susu Bendera, milk products — for 50,000 toddlers in the targeted cities. Both FOI and Frisian Flag will educate mothers on nutrition and health through various communication lines. They will also work with families to promote local food diversification.

"The partnership with FOI in this program is a real step to realize our commitment to fulfilling our toddlers' needs for adequate food and nutrition," Frisian Flag Indonesia's corporate affairs director Andrew F Saputro said in his official statement on Friday.

"The mother's role as the family manager becomes the backdrop of our campaign. This also coincides with Mother's Day on Dec 22. By involving mothers in these cities, we hope to help increase the nutritional status of children and families, and free Indonesia from hunger," Andrew said.