GoTo Group hosts Konferensi Maju Digital 2022 at Kota Kasablanka in Jakarta on Oct. 27, 2022. (Photo Courtesy of GoTo)

GoTo Levels Up its MSMEs at Konferensi Maju Digital

NOVEMBER 01, 2022

Jakarta. Tech giant GoTo group on Thursday tried to level up its micro, small, and medium enterprises or MSMEs —a critical component within its digital ecosystem— with a series of sharing sessions at the Konferensi Maju Digital which was held at Kota Kasablanka in Jakarta.

With an array of experts at the conference, GoTo’s SMEs got to hone their entrepreneurial skills. MSMEs have played a key role in GoTo’s ecosystem, which encompasses the ride-hailing Gojek, online marketplace Tokopedia, and fintech GoTo Financial.

“Together with more than 15 million merchant partners, 2.6 million driver partners, and more than 67 million annual transacting users, GoTo group’s digital ecosystem contributes to about 2 percent of Indonesia’s GDP,” Nila Marita, the Chief of Corporate Affairs at GoTo said.

“This large economic impact is inseparable from MSMEs’ role as the driver of the country’s real sector economy and drive national economic recovery. GoTo Group presents Konferensi Maju Digital to spur the progress of our MSME partners through sustainable education and empowerment programs,” she added.


Last year, Konferensi Maju Digital drew in more than 14,000 participants. Most of these participants came from the Greater Jakarta area, Surabaya, Medan, and Makassar. In 2021, GoTo also hosted Kelas Maju Digital. Similar to its conference counterpart, these classes also aimed to level up the MSMEs.

“This year, Kelas Maju Digital will cover a wide range of topics to meet the needs of the MSMEs of all scales, among others, social media use, financial management, as well as developing an environmentally-friendly business,” Puput Hidayat, the VP of Seller Experience at Tokopedia, said.

GoTo’s small enterprises can also learn from fellow MSMEs by joining communities, namely Komunitas Partner GoFood (‘GoFood Partner Community or Kompag), Keluarga Tokopedia (‘Tokopedia Family’), and Komunitas Retail GoTo Financial (‘GoTo Financial Retail Community’ or Kontag). GoTo reported that more than 80,000 MSMEs had joined Kompag, K-Top, and Kontag in the past year. 

Perfume brand HMNS also shared its experience of being part of the GoTo ecosystem through Tokopedia.

“We were able to expand our product reach to Papua, thereby growing our revenue by 20-30 times. This motivates us to realize our dream of making Indonesia increasingly known as a country with quality perfume producers, and not just a source of perfume raw materials,” HMNS Chief Executive Officer and Founder Rizky Arief Dwi said.

Echoing Rizky, the owner of Nasi Bogana, Mrs. An Lay, Evan Petra, also acknowledged that access to technology platforms is very important so that MSMEs can develop businesses in the midst of the digital era.

“Joining GoFood has helped us connect with a larger customer base. Now our turnover has increased by 4 times since 2020. We appreciate the services provided by the GoTo Group, which has taken a very important part in our business to date," he said.