Firman Subagyo (Beritasatu)

Gov’t Urged to Impose Stronger Regulation on Foreign NGOs

SEPTEMBER 22, 2022

Jakarta. The government is receiving calls to impose stronger regulations on foreign non-government organizations operating in Indonesia.

There are demands for the government to start investigating these NGOs’ activities to ensure they comply with the applicable regulations. The activities of foreign NGOs in Indonesia have concerned many, including the House of Representatives. 

Some find the government’s regulations on illegal foreign NGOs are lackluster, as they fail to tackle the criticisms launched by the NGOs. This includes negative propaganda against the palm oil industry.

Others have also expressed concern of foreign interference in the conflict in Papua, related to the creation of the new autonomous regions.


House of Representatives member Firman Subagyo called for the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) and the National Police to investigate the illegal activities of foreign NGOs.

"Later, if there are NGO activities that are deemed to endanger national political stability, then the authorities will immediately take legal steps to overcome the problem,” Firman said in a recent press statement.

On NGOs and the conflict in Papua, intelligence observer Stanislaus Riyanto said: “There indeed is foreign interference in the Papuan issues, by providing funds and logistics support.”

Sofjan Wanandi, the chairman of the advisory board at the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo), also highlighted the need for the government to get tougher on foreign NGOs.

"It is true that this time the government needs to be more firm and increase their independence in setting the regulations. Do not let the government be provoked and enter into the game or trap set by illegal foreign NGOs,” Sofjan said.