Sego Sambal Cak Brewok founder Cieny. (Photo Courtesy of Grab)

GrabFood Helps This "Hidden" Warung Get Closer to Customers


FEBRUARY 09, 2021

Jakarta. When running a culinary business, a strategic location becomes a must to attract as many customers. But what about the restaurants located in a tiny alley?

Sego Sambal Cak Brewok is a warung or a small restaurant selling fried chicken with chili paste sauce in Makassar, South Sulawesi.

The warung, however, is 500 meters away from the main road. Diners wanting to taste their signature hot sauce have to travel to the smaller roads of Jalan Gunung Lompobattang. Along the alley, they will find a shophouse or ruko with a large, yellow sign with "Sego Sambal Cak Brewok" written in bold letters. 

The warung also only has four dining tables. Although it is not as crowded as other warungs, business is still running smoothly, thanks to technology.

"I only place these tables to anticipate anyone who would like to dine in. But most of our customers order food online," Sego Sambal Cak Brewok founder Cieny said in a written statement.

According to Cieny, the warung at Jalan Gunung Lompobattang is their third branch. The first one at Jalan Tidung III, Makassar, was originally their residence which later turned into a place of business.

"Overtime, [the place] was too small to live there. [We were serving] up to 3,000 food containers a day," Cieny said.

The main branch does not even have a single dining table and entirely relies their income on online deliveries. Similarly, the second branch at Jalan Camba Jawayya is also a residence and far away from the busy main roads.

Sego Sambal Cak Brewok founder Cieny makes a spicy chili paste with a mortar and pestle. (Photo Courtesy of Grab)
Sego Sambal Cak Brewok founder Cieny puts in her signature spicy chili paste into a small plastic bag. (Photo Courtesy of Grab)

Despite the not-so-strategic location, Cieny found a way to still reap huge rewards by joining the food delivery service platform GrabFood.

Cieny has been a GrabFood merchant partner for over three years. Sego Sambal Cak Brewok had also recently gotten promoted to be a "Preferred Merchant".

In the first month after the promotion, their sales revenue jumped by up to 100 percent. The increase doubled in the second month after the promotion. In its fourth month, Sego Sambal Cak Brewok booked a revenue that was 300 percent higher than when the business first started, the statement wrote.

With orders pouring in, Sego Sambal Cak Brewok currently has 11 employees. Before becoming a Preferred Merchant, there were only five people.