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Huawei Bolsters Connectivity and Digital Inclusion with Ramadan Donation

18 Apr 2022 | 13:34 WIB
Huawei Indonesia announces donations to orphans across the country in Jakarta on April 16, 2022.
Huawei Indonesia announces donations to orphans across the country in Jakarta on April 16, 2022.

Jakarta. Guided by the four commitment pillars under the name ‘Huawei I Do’ – consisting of I Do Care, I Do Collaborate, I Do Create, and I Do Contribute – Huawei Indonesia consistently organizes corporate social responsibility programs with the purpose of sharing its knowledge and technology to keep on making contributions and creating values to build a fully connected, 5G oriented, more intelligent, digital and green Indonesia together. 

This year’s Huawei CSR Ramadan 2022, themed, Huawei I Do Care - One Heart for a Fully Connected and Prosperous Indonesia, was held to scale up connectivity and digital inclusion to schools in Sorong and Biak in Papua and orphanages in 14 cities across Indonesia, as part of the realization of Huawei’s commitment to building connectivity and providing inclusive education access to children, especially those living in rural areas and remote islands. 

The CSR event is inspired by President Joko Widodo administration’s great attention to the development of infrastructure and connectivity in eastern parts of Indonesia. Present to support the event were Dedy Permadi, PhD, the Minister’s Special Advisor for Digital Policy and Human Resources Development, the Republic of Indonesia, Ir. Agustina Erni, M.Sc, Deputy Minister for the Fulfillment of Children's Rights, the Ministry of Women and Children Empowerment, Dra. Sri Wahyuningsih, M.Pd, Director for Elementary School, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Wang Bin, Vice President, Management Transformation, Huawei Indonesia, Kak Seto, Chairman of the Indonesian Child Protection Agency, and Wenseslaus Manggut, Chairman of the Indonesian Cyber Media Association and CCO of KLY. 

”We express our high appreciation to Huawei Indonesia for having an extraordinary initiative to reach children in Papua and Papua Barat so that they can be well connected to the internet. The internet is a two-edged sword. As a result, our joint task, as the government, private sector, and public, is to ensure that all internet users in Indonesia use the internet positively, productively, and creatively,” Dedy Permadi said in his opening remarks.

Agustina Erni, the Deputy Minister for the Fulfillment of Children's Rights, said that Indonesian children account for one-third of the total Indonesian population and are critical to the country's future success. 

“To improve the quality of learning, not only teachers as educators, but also parents, government, business, community institutions, media, and other members of the public, must work together. We are grateful for Huawei's commitment to improving connectivity and inclusiveness to support the President's vision of developing eastern Indonesia,” Agustina said. 

“With the assistance of technological devices and internet access for elementary schools in Sorong and Biak, it is hoped that access to education for children living in rural and remote areas will improve. We hope that other companies will replicate Huawei's efforts and support, particularly in efforts to fulfill children's rights," she added.

Wang Bin, the Vice President of Huawei Indonesia, said that the company puts special emphasis on providing inclusive access to the digital world for schools in Papua, as part of digital talent cultivation. 

“We believe the children, especially those in rural areas, deserve equal rights, to enjoy connectivity as well as education. Talent is indeed the foundation of digital transformation. Therefore, we hope the children would be better equipped with tools to access the internet and increase digital literacy,” Wang said. 

“As we sail eastward, digital transformation is the wind that will carry us forward. We recognize the need to equip Papua with the technology infrastructure and network connectivity for bringing it to a level playing field with the rest of Indonesia,” he added.

This year’s CSR Ramadan initiative is made on top of the CSR events Huawei made every year for orphanages in 14 cities across Indonesia. This is part of Huawei’s I Do commitments to give back to the community. “I Do” comes from the word, “InDOnesia,” to highlight that Huawei has been part of Indonesia for over 22 years. 

Huawei is in Indonesia and for Indonesia, and it is committed to keep on making local contributions as a responsible Indonesian corporate citizen and keep developing local digital talents. Before 2025, Huawei is committed to nurturing 100,000 digital talents in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Sri Wahyuningsih, the Director for Elementary School, said that digital literacy and inclusion are fundamental requirements for implementing the Independent Learning concept. Currently, at the elementary school level, the percentage of schools which should be prepared for digital transformation is quite high. 

“Various obstacles in the world of education occur not only in remote areas but also in urban schools. I appreciate Huawei's role and this is a testament of Huawei’s contribution and corporate responsibility to the world of education that embodies the spirit of marching together toward Indonesia’s quality education,” she said.

The special guest at the event was Kak Seto, who chairs the Indonesian Child Protection Institute and has won national recognition as a champion for children’s rights.

"Digital literacy is a necessity in this era to fulfill the right to learn because learning is not an obligation but a child's right," said Kak Seto. 

“Literacy also helps Indonesian children correctly understand the functions and benefits of technology. Children can use technology to develop their intelligence and creativity. I hope that connectivity will be more evenly distributed so that Indonesian technology can be more inclusive. To that end, Huawei's assistance in achieving this goal is worthy of appreciation."

This event was also supported by the media, whose role was to promote digital literacy and inclusive education in the community. 

"The digital divide still exists in Indonesia," said Wenseslaus, Chairman of the Indonesian Cyber Media Association and CCO KLY. 

“Around 12,000 villages remain unconnected to the internet, the majority of which are in Eastern Indonesia, making the Eastern Indonesia Region one of the areas in desperate need of assistance. Life will be better if there is also easy access to information. As a result, the media, as information distributors, must work with various stakeholders from the government, education, industrial actors, and the public to ensure that there is no information gap in Indonesia. We appreciate Huawei's efforts to accelerate connectivity distribution while also increasing digital literacy and inclusion," Wenseslaus said.

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