Patrick Ru, Country Head of Huawei CBG Indonesia, takes part in Huawei Developer Day 2021. (Photo Courtesy of Huawei)

Huawei Developer Day Empowers Local Partners, Developers

SEPTEMBER 17, 2021

Jakarta. We are stepping into a new era of  intelligence and interconnectivity, thanks to the widespread adoption of 5G and AI technologies.

For the past couple of years, we’ve seen the rapid advancement of technology that has impacted our day-to-day life and Huawei is one of the technology companies that has been constantly bringing it closer to the consumers.


Moreover, Huawei also has been working closely with partners and developers to further grow Huawei Mobile System and its ecosystem.

Today, Huawei Indonesia presented its most recent feats in the Indonesia market across its many verticals at the Huawei Developer Day 2021. Over 20,000 developers and audience joined online. 

Huawei Developer Day (HDD) is a platform built by Huawei for in-depth  communication with developers. It provides developers with the latest open  capabilities and services and brings them the latest industry trends of mobile devices. 

Through this event, Huawei also provided updates on how it is building and growing  its ecosystem in Indonesia vis-a-vis the local rollout of the recently launched  HarmonyOS; and how it is projected to further the smart lifestyle of Huawei fans. 

“Indonesians are more connected than ever before and as a brand that has  continuously pushed our boundaries, Huawei has stepped up to play a role in  empowering developers, providing them with the necessary capabilities in building the nation's smart ecosystem," Patrick Ru, Country Head of Huawei CBG Indonesia, said.  

Luat Sihombing, coordinator for business matchmaking at the
Luat Sihombing, coordinator for business matchmaking at the Ministry of  Communication and Information Technology, takes part in the recent Huawei Developer Day 2021. (Photo Courtesy of Huawei)

Luat Sihombing, coordinator for business matchmaking at the Ministry of  Communication and Information Technology, recommended developers to join HMS ecosystem and hope HDD will inspire others to collaborate further in supporting local developers and contribute more to digital  transformation and digital ecosystem development in Indonesia. 

He added, “our highest appreciation to Huawei’s commitment in making this event possible. It opens a wider opportunity to local developers to step-up their competence game and market their applications to wider audiences globally, and this is what  Huawei Developer Day is aimed at. The annual program aims to share updates on  Huawei’s latest business progress, technology advancements, and innovations served  to its developers since 2019.” 

Expanding HMS Core 6.0, Harmony OS, and HUAWEI AppGallery 

At this year's edition of the Huawei Developer Day, Huawei unveiled the HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) Ecosystem update with brand-new open capabilities in HMS Core 6.0,  which comes supported by HarmonyOS2 along with a feature of the Huawei Certified  Developer Programme. HMS Core itself is a set of comprehensive, open capabilities  that help developers achieve efficient development, fast growth, and flexible  monetization.

HMS Core 6.0 mobile service framework offers one-point access for efficient and  intelligent global distribution for all terminals. To date, the HMS ecosystem is the 3rd  largest in the world with over 550 million active users, 4.5 million registered developers  and over 141,000 HMS Integration apps. The newly introduced HMS Core 6.0  framework and its attendant HarmonyOS 2.0 firmware aim to make deployment easier  for app developers while offering a rich, diverse ecosystem for consumers. 

HMS Core 6.0 offers capabilities that encompass 7 domains which are 3D Modelling,  AV Pipeline, Audio Editor, Video Editor, 5G Modem. 

During the event, Huawei also gave an update on HUAWEI AppGallery. As the third  largest app marketplace globally, HUAWEI AppGallery upholds a globalised and  localised experience for users. Top apps across APAC are already available on the  HUAWEI AppGallery. Until 2021 Q2, HUAWEI AppGallery has 550M monthly active  users, 141K apps integrated with HMS core, and 4.5M registered developers. 

Partner for Growth 

During the session several partners, such as BCA, Vidio, and Bluebird, also shared their  experience joining with Huawei Mobile System Ecosystem and what’s next for the  collaboration with Huawei.  

For BCA, there are several apps already adopting HMS, such as BCA Mobile, Sakuku, eBranch BCA, myBCA. BCA Mobile was released on AppGallery in February 2020. It started adopting HMS Kit from March 2020 and by December 2020 managed to reach a milestone on install number that reached 1 million on AppGallery.

This shows that adopting HMS is a crucial step for partners to reach a wider audience and cater to the needs of their consumers who are part of the Huawei ecosystem. 

Meanwhile, Vidio, as one of the leading over-the-top video streaming services in  Indonesia, also has become a partner who has joined the HMS since the beginning  and continues to collaborate with Huawei in various marketing campaigns, including  the latest launch of HUAWEI MatePad T10 Kids Edition and HUAWEI Matepad 11.

After launching the app on HUAWEI AppGallery, now Vidio experienced 1.8M+ monthly impression in AppGallery, average monthly downloads increase 30x, conversion rate increase 969 percent.

In the future, Vidio and Huawei is planning to have another joint  campaign with other devices and launch in HUAWEI Vision (Smart TV) soon. 

As for Blue Bird, the integration process with HMS was seamless due to a similar code structure between Google Mobile Service and Huawei Mobility Service (HMS). Also,  responsive and reliable support from Huawei technical team has helped partners like Blue Bird to be met with minimal challenges. Blue Bird implement 5 HMS kit done within 10 days, which proves HMS adoption can be implemented quickly.

The next  step for the collaboration between both parties is to release a new version of the Blue Bird app, integrate with more HMS kit, and explore navigation on Huawei wearable devices. 

“We have always had the best interest of our customers as the bedrock of every product and experience’s design and development. We remain committed to offering  the best tech experience to consumers made possible by industry-leading innovations  across all verticals — from products and software to services. Through this, we are  able to create a fully connected and intelligent world for our Indonesian customers  where they enjoy the efficiency and comfort brought by a seamless AI life. We are glad that we, together with our millions of fans from all over the world, get to embrace  the future, today,” Patrick said.