Huawei Indonesia wins an award at the recent AI Summit 2021. (Photo Courtesy of Huawei Indonesia)

Huawei Indonesia Receives Award at AI Summit 2021

NOVEMBER 11, 2021

Jakarta. Huawei Indonesia —the local arm of Chinese tech firm Huawei— recently won an award at the AI Summit 2021 for its consistency in developing the nation's AI ecosystem, announced in a statement.

Artificial intelligence is considered the prime solution for massive socioeconomic recovery and growth, including in Indonesia. Its usage is varied and needed in various aspects of business management and innovation in diverse sectors.


Government, public services, financial services, education, agriculture, defense, transportation, and maritime and fishery are sectors that can derive benefits from adopting AI comprehensively.

However, Indonesia's AI ecosystem still needs optimum support from all stakeholders, including technology providers, to maximize its incredible potential, paving the way towards the Indonesia Emas 2045 vision. It is this challenge that serves as the backdrop to the AI Summit 2021.

Since it was first organized in 2020, AI Summit 2021 is expected to become an educational event that facilitates stakeholders to accomplish the goals set by the AI National Strategy.

Stakeholders will share the ideas, knowledge, and learnings needed to enrich the ecosystem's collective insights in this event.

Together with the nation's AI ecosystem, National Innovation Research Agency (BRIN) and the Artificial Intelligence Research and Innovation Collaboration (Korika) also award contributors towards AI development in Indonesia. One of the awardees includes ICT solutions provider Huawei.

Witnessing the awarding ceremony was BRIN chief Laksana Tri Handoko, with Korika chairman Hammam Riza handing over the award.

The awarding ceremony recognized Huawei Indonesia as the Leading Tech & Cloud Company on Indonesia's AI Ecosystem.

In his address, Handoko lauded Huawei Indonesia's commitment to supporting and contributing towards the realization of the AI National Strategy and the strengthening of AI's role in achieving several important national milestones.

"We appreciate Huawei in supporting the government's vision of making Indonesia a developed country based on research and innovation, in line with the visions and missions of the AI National Strategy," he said.

Handoko revealed that AI would be utilized to solve various challenges in five priority areas to secure Indonesia's future. These five priority areas are healthcare, bureaucracy reform, education and research, food security, mobility, transport, and smart cities.

Considering each area is a necessary component for Indonesia to become a developed country, the power of AI to automate manual workloads and analyze large volumes of data should be harnessed maximally.

"At BRIN, we hope Huawei will increase their role and support towards optimizing AI application in these strategic areas," Handoko said.

Hammam Riza conveyed the four challenges to AI adoption: human resources and digital talents, laws to regulate ethical and responsible AI use, technology infrastructure and data, industry, and the public sector's readiness to adopt AI-based innovations.

"At the cusp of Indonesia's massive economic digitalization, we need to make sure together that the ecosystem is mature enough Press Release 2021-11-09 to welcome different innovations that AI technology can bring about," he said.

"We highly appreciate Huawei Indonesia in conducting crucial assessments in an attempt to place where we are in the big picture within the AI National Strategy. Together, we shall achieve digital economic growth and improve living standards for all Indonesians," he added. 

Huawei Cloud chief strategy officer Joy Huang reaffirmed that Huawei has committed to presenting and contributing the most advanced technologies to various sectors in Indonesia.

Huawei believes that adopting the most advanced digital technologies, including AI, is a critical foundation behind research-based innovations, which is needed by nations with the vision to become a global leader in the digital era, Indonesia notwithstanding.

"Our highest honors to BRIN and Korika for opening the door for Huawei to participate and contribute our technologies and digital talent development programs to support the development of Indonesia's AI ecosystem," Joy said.

"We will continue Huawei Indonesia's commitment and contributions by providing the technology needed and also knowledge-sharing activities and entrepreneurship accelerator programs. At the government level, Huawei will not only continue working with BRIN and Korika but also with all government agencies to improve skills in AI, especially about e-government implementation," he said.

To solidify Huawei's support towards AI development in Indonesia through multiple helix synergy with various stakeholders, the company also holds a series of joint study sessions with BRIN and Korika using AI solutions developed by Huawei. Hopefully, this activity will facilitate the development of local AI solutions that will benefit the nation.