IABA inauguration ceremony at Arkadia Green Park in South Jakarta on June 25, 2022. (Photo Courtesy of IABA)

IABA Inaugurates New Members of Mandhapa 2021-2024 Cabinet

JUNE 30, 2022

Jakarta. The Indonesian Association of British Alumni, also known as the IABA, had successfully hosted its first inauguration ceremony, which was followed by a sharing session by notable UK alumni at Arkadia Green Park in TB Simatupang, South Jakarta, on Saturday.

The president's special staff Billy Mambrasar and London School of Public Relations (LSPR) Jakarta founder Prita Kemal Gani embedded pins to cabinet members to signify their new responsibilities.


The highlight of the ceremony saw Former IABA President Prof Hikmahanto Juwana handing over the IABA flag to new President Redha Bhawika Putra as a symbol to pass the baton.

Minister for State Secretary Pratikno, who graduated from the University of Birmingham, delivered his pre-recorded speech. Dan Montgomery Hunt, the political counselor at the British Embassy, as well as Achmad Umar, the president director of Arkadia Green Park and The Manchester & Oxford Air Training School, also delivered their respective speeches. 

Redha expressed his views to establish IABA as a safe place for fellow UK Alumni, in order to build a network of business, collaboration, and everlasting friendships, which will in turn, contribute positively to their lives.

A sharing session by former IABA President, Irnanda Laksanawan, and Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno, who attended virtually, concluded the series of events.

“We wish for the new members of the cabinet and other UK alumni to get to know each other throughout the series of offline events, to build a network and collaborate for future projects,” Faishal Rahman, head of the Inauguration Committee, was quoted as saying in a recent press release.

IABA Mandhapa Cabinet 2021-2024 Structure

A. Board of Advisors

B. Executive Members

1. President

2. Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General

3. Treasurer

4. Vice Presidents (4)

5. Ministers (21) and Deputy Ministers (21)

6. Staff Members (69)