Interior design by Metaphor.

Ikons and Modulo Offer Service Excellence in Interior Designs

DECEMBER 08, 2022

Jakarta. Ikons and Modulo, the duo of Indonesia’s leading furniture brands under interior design consultant Metaphor, recently opened new outlets in South Jakarta’s elite business area Kemang to get closer to customers willing to upgrade their home, apartment, or business venue furnishings to the taste of the upper class at a reasonable cost.

The new showrooms are to meet the soaring demand for interior design services as shown by the evident growth in the number of new eateries, cafés, and middle-up houses in recent years.

With nearly two decades of experience in architecture and interior designs for both residential and business buildings, Metaphor knows why Ikons and Modulo can reach a new level in the furnishing industry, Metaphor Principal James Wijaya said.

“Ikons arrives to meet furniture demand from hotels, cafés, and restaurants. With our experience in interior design and architecture for commercial buildings, we have a better understanding of creating aesthetically pleasing spaces for both the inhabitants and the building management,” James said. 


Ikons products, which have been in the market since 2010, are designed not only to satisfy customers’ eyes but also to be highly functional, he added.

Modulo showroom, or more appropriately a boutique, specializes in residential furnishings and home decorations with fashionable and luxury collections for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. It also offers “design & build” services to provide customized products based on the needs of its clients for their highest satisfaction.

“We work on many residential and apartment projects and get requests for proportional designs. Modulo is the answer to that,” James said.

Modulo is supported by several interior brands such as Zbom (Chinese-made wardrobes and cabinets), Bottega Artisan, Serba Antik, and Lightvolution.

Ikons showroom also features products from reputable brands like Cosentino, Vania, and Leder Haus.

James said interior designs involve more than just the aesthetical aspect. A professional designer will also take into account the proportions of objects, the ergonomic design, furniture materials, durability, and compatibility with what the interior is designed for.

“We have developed our manufacturing capability to meet various design needs after 19 years in the business. With Metaphor, Ikons builds a collection of high-quality products through serious research and development,” James said.