Indonesia receives 100th batch of Covid-19 vaccine delivery at Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Tangerang on October 26, 2021. The shipment includes 1 million doses of Sinovac Covid-19 vaccine. (Photo Courtesy of Communication and Informatics Ministry)

Indonesia Welcomes 12M+ Doses in 3 Days, Total Vax Arrived Passes 300M

OCTOBER 29, 2021

Jakarta. Indonesia has received more than 12 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine in three days, bringing the total vaccine delivered to the country to more than 300 million doses, according to Usman Kansong, the public information and communications director-general at the Informatics Ministry.

The government is continuing its efforts to unlock herd immunity by bringing Covid-19 vaccines into the country to secure supply.  


On October 26-28, four shipments of Covid-19 vaccines —namely the 101st to 104th batches— came to Indonesia.

The 101st batch was a shipment of 4 million Sinovac vaccines on October 26. Followed by another 4 million doses of Sinovac vaccines the next day.

On October 28, the 103rd batch, which included 677,430 Pfizer doses, landed in Indonesia.

Also arriving on the same day is the 104th batch that carried 4 million doses of the Sinovac vaccine.

All the doses shipped in the above four batches were all in finished form.

"With these shipments, more than 300 million doses of vaccines have arrived in Indonesia. Specifically, 305,735,960 doses in both finished or bulk forms," Usman said in a statement on Thursday.

The continuous deliveries have helped the country's efforts in expediting the vaccination program and expanding its coverage. This is in line with the government's effort to ramp up the vaccine drive in the regions.

At President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo's behest, every finished vaccine arriving in the country will immediately make its way to various regions in hopes of boosting the vaccination program.

In addition to securing the vaccine supply and speeding up its rollout, the government will continue to educate the public about getting vaccinated, particularly those who are still reluctant to get the Covid-19 jab.

"Once again, the government asserts that all Covid-19 vaccines used are safe, effective, and approved by the BPOM [National Food and Drug Monitoring Agency]," Usman said.

Usman also reminded the public to comply with the health protocols and wear masks, wash hands, avoid crowds, and limit their mobility.

"President Jokowi has reminded us how recently there has been an increase —although small— in the number of cases. That should encourage us to remain careful and disciplined in observing the health protocols," Usman said.