An illustration of cybersecurity. (B1 File Photo)

Indonesian Organizations Face More Cyberattacks: Report

SEPTEMBER 16, 2021

Jakarta. Indonesian organizations faced cyberattacks 746 percent more often than the global average in the past six months, cyber security solution provider Check Point Software Technologies revealed in its recent threat intelligence report.

Check Point named the government/military, manufacturing and banking as the three most impacted industries.


They suffer from 686 percent, 403 percent, and 313 percent more attacks per week respectively, when compared to the global average for each sector. 

"Amidst the pandemic, the enforced shift to remote working has fast-forwarded ‘digital transformation’ in Indonesia, and cyber criminals have adapted their working practices to exploit this shift to target organizations’ supply chains and network links to partners to achieve maximum disruption," Check Point Software Indonesia country manager Deon Oswari said in a recent statement.

So what can businesses do to stay cyber-safe?

User education is an essential part of protection. Many cyberattacks start with a targeted email that does not contain malware, but uses social engineering to try to lure the user into clicking on a dangerous link, according to Check Point.

Businesses also ought to strengthen their email protection. About 91 percent of the malicious files in Indonesia were delivered via email, Check Point reported.

Check Point recommended businesses to install updates and patches regularly. And also to adopt a prevention-first strategy to keep cyberattacks at bay.

Businesses must also install anti-ransomware, as well as a unified cybersecurity solution for remote work to protect endpoint, browser, email and remote access against known and unknown threats.

"Check Point Software urges all organizations to revisit their cybersecurity strategy and reassess their security hygiene to avoid becoming the next victim of a mega cyber breach,’’ Deon said.