KB Bukopin take part at the 2022 Financial Expo, or FinEXPO, on Oct. 26-30, 2022. (Photo Courtesy of KB Bukopin)

KB Bukopin Helps Promote Financial Inclusion at 2022 FinEXPO

NOVEMBER 04, 2022

Jakarta. KB Bukopin took part in the 2022 Financial Expo, or FinEXPO, on Oct. 26-30, to celebrate the Financial Inclusion Month.

The 2022 FinEXPO aims to improve public understanding of financial products and services. This will eventually help boost the number of bank accounts and promote the use of financial products/services. As financial literacy and inclusion improve, so does the national economy. The event showcased 134 exhibition booths comprising insurance, capital market, MSMEs, and banks including KB Bukopin.

"The FinEXPO is in line with KB Bukopin's commitment to fully support the government in its efforts to encourage financial inclusion through various programs and the public will understand better the various banking financial products," KB Bukopin deputy president director Robby Mondong said in a recent press release.

"Hopefully, by continuing to educate the public through various programs and providing superior banking products, this would help them in financial management," he added.


At the 2022 FinEXPO, the KB Bukopin booth offered its visitors a chance to open a Wokee digital savings account. Third-party funds and microloans (KUR) offers were also available. The first 100 visitors also got a Kopi Kenangan voucher worth Rp 25,000. KB Bukopin also promoted the many types of credit services and savings products to the booth's visitors.