Kimbo Kitchen recently distributed 8,000 food packages to disaster victims in three districts in West Java. (Photo Courtesy of Kimbo Kitchen)

Kimbo Kitchen Donates Food Packages for Disaster Victims in W. Java

MARCH 05, 2021

Jakarta. Madusari Nusaperdana  — Indonesia's processed meat producer with the ready-to-eat meal brand Kimbo Kitchen  — recently distributed food packages for disaster victims in three districts in West Java.

Last month, Kimbo Kitchen donated 8,000 packages of their chicken and potato curry to flood and landslide victims in Subang, Indramayu, and Majalengka. The donation was part of the company's corporate social responsibility program and also in collaboration with Middle East Food Company (MeFC).


"We are doing this program to help flood and landslide victims in West Java as well as to reminisce the late MeFC owner Syeikh Saleh A. Kamil, who had passed away last year," Kimbo Kitchen's customer relation manager Kilat Komara wrote in his statement.

According to Kilat, Kimbo Kitchen's ready-to-eat meal has penetrated both the national and international market. They have teamed up with MeFC to export its flagship Kimbo Kitchen Chicken and Potato Curry to Saudi Arabia. "We are exporting to Sadi Arabia to support haj and umrah pilgrims, especially those who come from Indonesia. We hope the export will run smoothly and the people become more aware of our ready meal products," he said.

Saudi Chambers of Commerce official Ibrahim Alsini said the MeFC representatives have visited Kimbo Kitchen's factory in Cikarang, West Java.

"We visited the factory in Cikarang to take a look at its facilities and production. Everything went well. The factory also has earned a food safety management system (FSCC) certification and halal assurance from the Indonesian Ulema [MUI]," Ibrahim added.

Ibrahim named Kimbo Kitchen's products — with its Nusantara tastes — suit the Indonesian and Southeast Asian consumers' taste buds. "Kimbo Kitchen's products are the pioneer in Indonesia. They have been in the industry for ten years, but still manage to innovate new flavors and menus."