KlikDokter launches new logo and #JagaSehatmu campaign on Aug. 16, 2022. (Photo Courtesy of KlikDokter)

KlikDokter Introduces New Logo, #JagaSehatmu Campaign

AUGUST 17, 2022

Jakarta. Telemedicine platform KlikDokter recently unveiled a new logo and launched the #JagaSehatmu campaign for a healthy Indonesia.

The new logo is reminiscent of a heartbeat forming a heart. Like a heartbeat that is always present in human life, so is KlikDokter, according to KlikDokter chief executive officer Hendra Tjong. Hendra said KlikDokter would always be there for the people by providing interconnected and integrated digital health service solutions.


“KlikDokter aims to become an integrated and the leading app that serves Indonesian people in the digital era. We have developed a trustworthy, easy-to-use, and more personal digital healthcare solution with three pillars namely healthy education, health services, and healthy shopping. These three pillars will ultimately form an interconnected and integrated ecosystem like the new KlikDokter logo," Hendra was quoted as saying in a recent press statement.

KlikDokter also unveiled its #JagaSehatmu campaign which aims to encourage people to maintain their health at all times so they can achieve their dreams. In this campaign, KlikDokter works alongside brand evangelists Enzy Storia, Nana Mirdad, and Andrew White.

"We don't choose our brand evangelists solely based on their popularity. But we think these brand evangelists are able to represent family and personal figures of different generations. Hopefully, they can aspire people to live healthier for a Healthy Indonesia," Mia Argianti, the VP of marketing, at KlikDokter said.

KlikDokter said that the company had done a number of activities under the #JagaSehatmu campaign, among others, online and offline health education. KlikDokter has also conducted a Hepatitis A (children's hepatitis) screening in Banten as a part of their CSR. Other activities include digital and social media campaigns. KlikDokter also plans to host a Run Fest in Yogyakarta this October.

"Hopefully, #JagaSehatmu can be an organic sustainable movement, so that it can encourage more people to have a preventive mindset by maintaining their health,” Hendra said.

KlikDokter is part of Kalbe Farma — one of Southeast Asia's largest pharmaceutical companies. With KlikDokter, Kalbe's health service ecosystem becomes even more complete, interconnected, and integrated from the upstream to the downstream level for a Healthy Indonesia.