(Photo Courtesy of KB Bukopin)

KP Bukopin Implements e-Procurement with SAP Ariba Discovery

NOVEMBER 03, 2022

Jakarta. KB Bukopin recently revealed that it is now using SAP Ariba Discovery to run its e-procurement system.

The switch from a traditional to a digital procurement system is to realize transparency and efficiency and boost service level agreement (SLA).

According to KB Bukopin Finance Director Seng Hyup Shin, the bank is committed to digital transformation for the efficiency of its operational activities.

"Digital transformation in the banking sector is by redefining business processes in the current technological era. There are four main areas of digital transformation that we carry out, process, technology, data, and organizational change," Seng Hyup Shin said in a press statement.


SAP Indonesia managing director Andreas Diantoro commented on this collaboration.

He said that SAP's innovations focus on helping strengthen companies' digital transformation. 

"Hopefully, the technology can be integrated into business processes, so decision-makers are helped by having data-based automated recommendations throughout the processes. Of course, this is very important for Indonesia's banking industry, including at Bank KB Bukopin," Andreas said.

SAP Ariba's procurement currently accounts for 80 percent of the spending for branch operational offices at KB Bukopin. About 50 percent of the spending at KB Bukopin head office uses SAP Ariba.

KB Bukopin will continue to increase this usage to the targeted 90 and 95 percent of the general expenditure and administration. This would enable a more efficient procurement process.