Kulinara, a mask dedicated for health workers designed by Sasa and Didiet Maulana. (Photo Courtesy of Sasa)

Kulinara, A Token of Appreciation for Health Workers

SEPTEMBER 03, 2021

Jakarta. Seasoning company Sasa Inti has teamed up with fashion designer Didiet Maulana to design "Kulinara", a cloth mask dedicated to spark optimism and happiness for the health workers as they battle the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kulinara is a token of appreciation for the medical workers and volunteers, according to Sasa Inti marketing director Fenny Kusnaidy.


"We hope Kulinara not only supports the health protocols, but also lifts the health workers and volunteers' spirits up. So they can remain optimistic that their hard work will save many people," Fenny said in a recent statement.

The name "Kulinara" derived from "Nusantara culinary". 

The motif serves as a reminder that food portrays happiness, and has a special meaning for everyone. Kulinara's colors, motifs, and story depict how rich Indonesia's culture and tastes are — all wrapped in one common theme, warmth and happiness, Didiet said.

According to Didiet, the collaboration came to fruition as both Sasa and himself share the same vision.

"Sasa seeks to spice up cooking and bring Indonesia's flavors. And I seek to create Indonesian style designs to nurture pride in our country," the founder of fashion brand IKAT Indonesia added.

It all started with a brainstorming session with the Sasa team. The production process took quite some time, as they had to comply with the health protocols at all times.

"Designing was the most challenging part. [When designing,] we have to think ahead. We have to think how the design will truly help its wearer," Didiet said.

Kulinara is not a medical mask, but rather is meant to be layered on top of a medical mask for double-masking purposes. Although it is not a medical mask, Kulinara can support the health workers in their daily lives outside the medical rooms.

"So the mask must be something that we can be proud of. Design-wise, it must be unique and unlike any other," Didiet said.