Link Net recently received the Great Place to Work certification for their workplace culture. (Photo Courtesy of Link Net)

Link Net Certified for Its Great Workplace Culture


FEBRUARY 15, 2021

Jakarta. Link Net, an internet service provider with the First Media brand, recently received the Great Place to Work, or GPTW, certification.

The GPTW is a global certification authority which certifies companies with great workplace culture. According to the GPTW, employees of certified companies highly trust their leaders and take pride in their job. They also enjoy the working environment.

Last December, GPTW held a trust index survey on all Link Net employees -- nicknamed the First Squad -- who have worked for the company for at least a year.

Results showed 88 percent of the First Squad participated in the survey, with 90 percent of the respondents agreed that Link Net was a great place to work at. Some 85 percent of the respondents were proud of working at the company. 

"We dedicate this certification to the entire First Squad who have worked hard and collaborated in terms of improvement and development, whether personal or professional," Link Net president director Marlo Budiman wrote in a statement last week.

"[They have helped] us to make improvements in various aspects, starting from the competent human capital, innovative service solutions and products to a conducive working environment that bolsters productivity," Marlo said.

Link Net is also the first Indonesian company to be GPTW-certified in 2021.

For the past two years, Link Net has launched an array of initiatives to empower their employees.

Among them is a competency-based development program via the mobile app PeX or Purposeful Experience. The new digital room First Squad Connect allows employees to collaborate and communicate with each other virtually. The company also rolled out a work mobility policy to support remote working effectiveness during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, Link Net recognizes the First Squad with awards for their devotion and contribution. This aligns with a research held by O.C Tanner, a US-based employee recognition company.

The O.C. Tanner research shows that employee recognition positively impacts innovations and workers' productivity by 53 percent. The same study shows 64 percent of employees find appreciation and recognition to be even more important when having to work from home amid a pandemic.

"With the [GPTW] certification, we hope to promote First Squad's happiness and prosperity as well as Link Net's productivity. Hopefully, First Squad's positive spirit can encourage us to deliver better customer experience and improve their satisfaction," Marlo said.