Link Net's chief human capital officer Yosafat Hutagalung. (Photo Courtesy of Link Net).

Link Net Takes Home Human Resources Award for Digitalization


MAY 18, 2021

Jakarta. Internet broadband provider Link Net has won an award for their use of technology in human capital management at the 2021 Indonesia Human Resources Awards.

Local media outlet Warta Ekonomi recently held the event to recognize the top-tier HR departments. Link Net took home the Best HR Management for Outstanding Excellent Strategies, Values, and Digital Programs to Develop Competent HR in the telecommunication category. 


In a press statement, Link Net's chief human capital officer Yosafat Hutagalung hoped the award can further motivate the First Squad —a moniker for the company’s employees— to strive for more.

"The company's value and culture of "I am First Squad" becomes the cornerstone for Link Net's talents and leaders to contribute to accomplish the company's goals," Yosafat said on Tuesday.

According to Yosafat, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced companies to expedite digital adoption throughout their processes, including human capital management. Link Net itself has adopted several digitalization strategies to adapt to these changes. 

Among them is the work-from-anywhere policy. To support this, Link Net has developed First Squad Connect, a digital room for employees to collaborate virtually. There is also the learning-on-the go app PeX (Purposeful Experience) for employees to hone their skills. As well as the First Squad Impact app to manage workers’ performance.

“These strategies are executed in a consistent and measurable manner, so the impact of a competence development can be directly felt by the First Squad. [It will also] boost performance and inflict a long-term effect on the business continuity,” Yosafat said.

He also highlighted that Link Net would continue their reskilling and upskilling programs in the future.