Teaching elementary school students about managing plastic waste at Lippo Cikarang on May 4. (Photo courtesy of Lippo Cikarang)

Lippo Cikarang Teaches Students How to Reduce Plastic Waste

MAY 21, 2019

Jakarta. Township developer Lippo Cikarang held a corporate social responsibility event called "Lippo Cikarang Mengajar," or "Lippo Cikarang Teaches," in Cikarang on May 4, educating elementary students about the harmful effects of plastic waste and how to counter them at their schools and at home. 

The event was held at three elementary schools in the area, located east of the capital Jakarta: SDN Cibatu 03, SDS Ekklesia Lippo Cikarang and SD Don Bosco Cikarang.

The same event will soon be held at other schools in Bekasi, with the same main aim of teaching students about the negative environmental impacts of plastic that we use everyday.

Murida, a teacher at SD Don Bosco Cikarang, said the program has been very useful for her students. "We're very grateful for the Lippo Cikarang Mengajar program. Our students now know more about what [bad things] plastic does to the environment." 

The Lippo Cikarang Mengajar 2019 CSR program not only teaches children about the activities of the company, but zooms in on the rarely discussed subject of plastic use in schools, and how students and teachers can work together to reduce plastic waste. 

"The theme of this year's program is plastic waste reduction. We taught children about the problems the Earth is facing because of plastic waste. We told them there's a lot of plastic alternatives, which include biodegradable shopping totes made out of cassava. We hope the kids learned something new and interesting from the program," Lippo Cikarang public relations head Sosiawan Putra said.

At the end of each event, the children were given samples of the biodegradable cassava shopping bags and goodie bags filled with school supplies.

Lippo Cikarang is a township with international-standard facilities located within a 3,250-hectare plot of land east of Jakarta. It's an industrial town with large factories taking up most of its area. 

The developer has also built over 17,000 homes in the township, which has a population of over 50,000.

Over 500,000 workers commute to Lippo Cikarang's industrial area every day to work at more than 1,200 factories. 

Lippo Cikarang is listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange and has a market capitalization value of Rp 1.3 trillion ($96 million) as of March 31 this year.

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