CEO and founder of Maknala Group Irjen Jayadi.

Maknala Digitalizes Operations with Nimbly Technologies

MAY 11, 2022

Jakarta.  PT Cahaya Pangan Indonesia (Maknala Group) is a food & beverage company established in 2018 providing high quality and authentic Chinese Sichuan Cuisine in Indonesia.

The popular group outlets are Shu Guo Yin Xiang Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya, Shu Cuisine & Bar, You Ma You la, YMYL NoodleBar, Gourmet Mood, Tian Tian Seafood, and Yuwan Noodle with many more brands and stores to come in the future.

In line with the group’s aggressive expansion plans, the company wanted to maintain and even enhance their high standards of products and services. To achieve this, the group looked for a strong solution provider to digitalize and automate their operations.

“We wanted to ensure consistency to all our customers, and deliver the highest standards of service, food quality and freshness with the best value,” Irjen Jayadi, the CEO and founder of Maknala Group, said.


After evaluating a number of solutions, Maknala opted for Nimbly Technologies, a mobile solution to empower frontline workers.

“Nimbly had an impressive track record in F&B in Indonesia and the region - hundreds of customers in this field,” Irjen said.

“The solution is simple and just takes weeks to implement.”

Within a few weeks, Maknala’s operations was digitalized. Nimbly went live last year in April with 125 users in 8 active sites across 15 departments. After the go-live, Maknala realized a number of transformational benefits:

  • Nimbly made the organization’s processes transparent. “We are able to evaluate our processes in-real time and continue to uncover areas of improvement from our bar, butcher and kitchen operations to our warehousing & inventory,” Irjen said.
  • “Issue resolution is streamlined and now we achieve 99% green flags across equipment, facilities and cleanliness,“ Irjen continued.

  • Upskilling the team is what rewards Irjen the most. “Nimbly upskills our staff to be digitally savvy. The staff’s work is recorded in real time and computed into Nimbly’s powerful dashboard. The team is empowered and more motivated. Our branches and departments benefit from enhanced staff performance, and the cross departmental synergies can be optimized.”

“Processes are the way to operational efficiency and operational excellence. This is the foundation for Maknala Group to deliver the best value and experience to our customers,” Irjen said.

Daniel Hazman, Founder & CEO of Nimbly Technologies concluded "We are delighted to partner with Maknala Group and support their aggressive growth plans. Moving towards digitalization reduces costs, improves productivity, and surfaces new insights in real-time. Maknala sets the benchmark in its markets and we look forward to a long-lasting partnership.“