Martabak Yurich owner Hally Luis. (Photo Courtesy of Grab)

Meet the GrabFood Merchants Who Use Tech to Grow Their Business


FEBRUARY 08, 2021

Jakarta. What happens when you use technology to grow your food business?

Online food deliveries have become the lifeline for culinary micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) during the Covid-19 pandemic. But some others had already tapped into the digital realm much earlier.

Meet Hally Luis, a young man who has run a martabak or sweet pancake business in Medan, North Sumatra, since 2016.

"Martabak Yurich", as the business is called, already had customers lining up at the outlet, but Hally wanted more people to taste his martabak. In 2018, Hally joined GrabFood, an online food delivery service under the everyday need app company Grab. The results were as sweet as martabak.

"Before joining GrabFood, most of the Martabak Yurich customers were people who lived near the outlet. Now, our customers can be from anywhere," Hally said.

In just a few months, Martabak Yurich's profit rose by 40 percent and can receive up to 190 orders a day. Hally later chose to open up a new outlet. Interestingly, he decided on its location based on the spread of his GrabFood orders.

"I can analyze the location of the GrabFood orders that I receive daily. I can tell where these orders mostly come from and this helps me to choose the location for my next outlet. Everything is now a piece of cake and accurate thanks to technology," Hally said.

Hally said GrabFood feature enables the customers to mix-and-match toppings on their sweet pancakes. Among the notable mixes were a grilled durian topping mixed with cheese. This creativity encouraged Hally to add more menus like kebab. 

Del Manggo founder Adnan Imran. (Photo Courtesy of Grab)
Del Manggo founder Adnan Imran. (Photo Courtesy of Grab)

Another GrabFood success story comes from Adnan Imran. Adnan first founded "Del Manggo" --  a popular mango juice outlet in Makassar, South Sulawesi -- in 2017. His trip to Thailand inspired Adnan to sell mango juices served with sliced mangoes on top. In just three years, Adnan already runs three outlets spread across Makassar thanks to GrabFood. 

"Especially in this hot weather, around 60 percent of our customers come from GrabFood, whereas the remaining are those who directly visit the outlet. There was once a driver who ordered 40 cups at a time. That is the current track record of the most orders in a single purchase," Adnan said.

"Grab is the answer for business owners or people in general. How we purchase food now becomes more simple, practical, and faster. This gives a positive impact to the business owners. The timing was also perfect. We opened our business when Grab started to expand," he added.