Mitra Tokopedia has helped many mom-and-pop stores thrive and even give back to the community. (Photo Courtesy of Tokopedia)

Mom-and-Pops Share Inspiring Stories of Using Mitra Tokopedia

NOVEMBER 06, 2022

Jakarta. Mitra Tokopedia, the online-to-offline platform of the marketplace, is celebrating its fourth anniversary. Throughout the years, the app has helped many mom-and-pop stores thrive and even give back to the community.

Take Titin Lestari, the owner of Toko Gibran in Medan, for instance. Titin first set up her warung in 2017, but then decided to join Mitra Tokopedia two years later. Titin uses the wholesale feature on Mitra Tokopedia to restock her goods. She can sell the digital goods available on Mitra Tokopedia to her customers, be it phone credits, data packages, or installment payments.

“My shop’s revenue can reach millions of rupiah per day, a two-fold increase since I started using Mitra Tokopedia,” Titin said.

“My shop is also getting busier. So I can help people, who do not have anywhere else to sell [their products], to display their wares here,” she added.


Marfour Syam, the owner of Toko Si Kembar in Bogor, also shared her story of using Mitra Tokopedia. She has been using the O2O platform since 2018 to find additional streams of revenue since her husband had to quit his job. 

“Thanks to Mitra Tokopedia, I could start selling digital goods like phone credit or data packages without any initial capital. I feel like the app has helped me in bookkeeping and taking notes of my customer’s debt thanks to its Catat Hutang feature. If I make extra money, I will always share it with others in need,” Marfour said.

Titin and Marfour are the winners of Cerita Kampung Mitra Tokopedia. To celebrate its 4th year, Mitra Tokopedia recently launched the #SemangatKu4t campaign.

“This #SemangatKu4t campaign is to appreciate the traditional vendors who have been using Mitra Tokopedia all this time in starting and growing their business. In this campaign, Tokopedia held the Cerita Kampung Mitra Tokopedia competition and we have chosen the winners with the most inspirational stories,” Karina Susilo, the Head of New Retail at Tokopedia, said.

“Aside from selling their wares, the Cerita Kampung Mitra Tokopedia winners like Mrs. Marfour and Mrs. Titin have also delivered impact to the community. As a reward, we will renovate the winners’ shops so they will be more enthusiastic in running a business,” she added.