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Mondial Precious Gradiore Offers Men’s Sapphire Rings

The Jakarta Globe
November 19, 2023 | 10:02 pm
The Mondial Precious Gradiore is part of the Mondial Precious x Nicholas Saputra collection. (Photo Courtesy of Mondial)
The Mondial Precious Gradiore is part of the Mondial Precious x Nicholas Saputra collection. (Photo Courtesy of Mondial)

Jakarta. Jeweler Mondial recently teamed up with actor Nicholas Saputra to launch a diamond-precious stone jewelry collection that does not only cater to women but also men.

Men’s jewelry is something that is hard to find. This prompted the two to release the Mondial Precious x Nicholas Saputra collection. As the name suggests, the jewelry collection comes in 24 designs with precious stones such as rubies and sapphires. This includes the Mondial Precious Gradiore -- a collection of sapphire men’s rings. 

“Nicholas Saputra feels that there are not that many men's jewelry. That is why Mondial Precious offers a mini collection for men,” Leslie Christian Saputra, the general manager at Mondial, was quoted as saying in a recent press statement.

The Mondial Precious x Nicholas Saputra embraces the simple geometry concept to capture the simple yet elegant shapes of triangles, squares, and circles. The Mondial Precious x Nicholas Saputra collection offers jewelry for everyday use to statement jewelry, according to Leslie.

Nicholas Saputra, the jeweler’s brand ambassador and the collection’s creative director, said: “Based on my personal experience, it is difficult to find a jewelry brand that offers ready-to-wear precious stone men’s jewelry. We have to order it by custom. I intend to break the boundary by launching the Mondial Precious Gradiore.”

“Even though it is designed as men’s jewelry, women can also wear the Gradiore collection if they like it. Why not? That’s what makes you different,” the actor said.

The Mondial Precious collection also has the Mondial Precious Lune. This includes a necklace laden with 32 round-cut F VVS diamonds. The necklace comes with a round-cut blue sapphire that combines with an 18k rose gold. The Precious Lune also has a chain bracelet that dazzles with 19 round-cut F VVS diamonds and sapphire stone in 18k rose gold.

Go to to find out more about the Mondial Precious x Nicholas Saputra collection. Follow @mondial on Instagram.

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