More/Less, a collaborative book project by architect firm Atelier Riri, architectural photographer Andreaswidi, and design studio Tedanesia. (Atelier Riri Photo)

‘More/Less’: When Architecture, Photography, Graphic Design Meet

SEPTEMBER 20, 2022

Jakarta. Architect firm Atelier Riri recently teamed up with architectural photographer Andreaswidi and design studio Tedanesia to launch a collaborative book titled ‘More/Less’.

‘More/Less’ combines three perspectives – architecture, photography, and graphic design.


In this book, Atelier Riri takes its readers to explore its works of architecture. Andreaswidi captures the various visuals of Atelier Riri’s works of architecture, while also highlighting how sunlight, plants, pets, and people interact within the said works. Tedanesia’s graphic design turns the book into something that is interactive for its readers.

“Hopefully, this book will not only reach those from the architecture world but also artists, photographers, and fashion designers.  [The book] also serves as an inspiration to create other works of art,” Atelier Riri’s founder Novriansyah Yakub said in a recent press statement.

Not just artists, the book is also for the public to enjoy as it allows them to learn more about architecture, photography, and graphic design in a more casual manner, according to Novriansyah, also known as Riri.

Andreas Perbowo Widityawan of Andreaswidi Photography also shared his experience trying to capture Atelier Riri’s works on camera. 

“Oftentimes, I get carried away to capture the angles that were not in the concept. This spontaneity proves how Atelier Riri’s works of architecture evoke [feelings] through its space and details,” Andreas said.

Dodo Aldiano of Tedanesia added, "Tedanesia presents a playful and interactive design so readers can get a unique and casual experience from a book that talks about architecture."

Atelier Riri x Andreaswidi x Tedanesia launched ‘More/Less’ book at Creativo Gallery in Bintaro last week. 

The book launch was part of the Bintaro Design District 2020, which finally took place this year after a pandemic-related pause.