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MSMEs in Tasikharjo Reap Benefits of Renewable Energy

The Jakarta Globe
September 23, 2023 | 10:21 am
(Photo Courtesy of Pertamina)
(Photo Courtesy of Pertamina)

Jakarta. State-owned energy firm Pertamina’s initiative Desa Berdikari (‘Village Energy Independence’) program has empowered many villages across the archipelago, and that includes Tasikharjo which lies in East Java.

Pertamina through the Pertamina Patra Niaga Regional Jatimbalinus Fuel Terminal Turban recently promoted the use of solar power in the village with 35 beneficiaries enjoying the benefits of this initiative. The beneficiaries are also part of the creative economy program Ekokraf Asik which includes three sub-initiatives: 

Batik Sekar Tanjung MSME, Jahit Sekar Tanjung, and Ethical Creative Tasikharjo. These initiatives all aim to produce quality and eco-friendly creative economy goods, among others, by using renewable energy.

"The use of renewables can spur the growth of our creative economy by providing affordable and reliable energy. By harnessing our abundant natural resources, among others by driving energy transition, this can not only help the creative economy players to innovate, … but also save the planet," Adriansyah, the fuel terminal manager at Tuban area, was quoted as saying in a recent press statement.

Renewable energy use also supports reverse osmosis and the eco communal waste management in the Tasikharjo village. The solar panels also power the village's waste processing system (reduce, reuse, and recycle). The solar panels have a capacity of 6.54 kWp and can generate up to 10,241 kWh per year. Supported by a 10 kWh lithium battery, the panels can also save electricity bills by up to Rp 15 million per year. It can also cut carbon emissions by 8,502 kg CO2 eq/year. 

Tasikharjo local Susiani said: "The renewables are expected to make our village's MSMEs more productive. This also gives us a new insight into how we can protect the environment."

Since 2019, Desa Energi Berdikari has generated 170.880 wp of solar energy, 605,000 m3/year of biogas and methane gas energy, 8,000-watt micro hydro energy, 6.500 liters of biodiesel energy per year, and 16,500 wp hybrids of solar and wind power. The program has also delivered an economic impact on 3,201 households with a multiplier effect of Rp 1.8 billion a year.

Ahad Rahedi, the area manager comm., rel & CSR at PT Pertamina Patra Niaga Regional Jatimbalinus, said this program aligns with the sustainable development goals, namely Goal 6 (clean water and sanitation), Goal 7 (affordable and clean energy), Goal 8 (decent work and economic growth), and Goal 13 (climate action).

"This also aligns with the government's efforts to reach net zero emission by 2060," Ahad said.

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