Mustika Ratu products displayed at the World Tea Expo on June 28-30, 2021 at Las Vegas Convention Center in the US. (Photo Courtesy of Mustika Ratu)

Mustika Ratu Expands Export Market to Middle East, Russia


AUGUST 04, 2021

Jakarta. Cosmetics and herbal supplements producer Mustika Ratu continues its global market growth and this time, it is penetrating the Middle Eastern and Russian markets, the company announced in a recent statement.

The expansion marks quite an extraordinary feat for Mustika Ratu considering that the global economy is still struggling with the Covid-19 pandemic. And with the current back-to-nature trend, Mustika Ratu products are attracting global interests.


So far, Mustika Ratu's foreign markets include Canada, the US, Czech Republic, Suriname, Oman, Iraq, Taiwan, and twenty other countries. 

As for this year, Mustika Ratu is promoting its slimming tea, personal care, and herbal supplements in the Middle East and Russia. And this illustrates how the global market is welcoming of natural products with a touch of the local wisdom.

According to Mustika Ratu president director Bingar Egidius Situmorang, the company is eyeing the halal beauty products consumers in the Middle East.

"The Middle East market pays great attention to halal products. This suits Mustika Ratu product line, which have earned halal certification and is made from natural ingredients. They compare them with other international brand cosmetic products, the majority of which still use chemicals," Egidius said, as quoted from a written statement.

"In addition to the Middle East and Russia, Mustika Ratu is gearing up to enter the South Asia market, such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India," he said.

The cosmetics giant is also optimistic that its export sales can jump significantly with the expansion. 

The US market still remains on Mustika Ratu's global agenda. To this end, Mustika Ratu will join an on-site exhibition that is to be held in Austin and Houston Texas on August and October, to showcase its personal care, cosmetics, herb beverage, and spa franchise.

Earlier, Mustika Ratu had joined the World Tea Expo, which took place on June 28-30, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the US.

In collaboration with the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (TPC) in Los Angeles, the Indonesian pavilion showcased Mustika Ratu's premium herbal tea. About 700 visitors coming from both individuals or businesses stopped by the Indonesian pavilion.

It was 45 years ago when Mooryati Soedibyo first founded Mustika Ratu. The company deserves appreciation and support from all parties, including the government, so it could continue to spread its wings in the international market and help Indonesian exports triumph once again.

Mustika Ratu export and international business head Tommy Castalie said, “as part of MRAT’s strategic vision, [we] try to make MRAT products accessible to every consumer all over the world.”

In the Middle East, Mustika Ratu has expanded its business to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Libya, Iraq, and Yemen. Moving forward, the company will expand to other countries such as the UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Benin, Kenya, Nigeria.

“Mustika Ratu has inked a partnership with one of Russia’s largest beauty product distributors for the natural product market in Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Belarus. Europe will also become the focus of Mustika Ratu’s exports in the second semester of 2021,” Tommy said.