(Photo Courtesy of Mustika Ratu)

Nationalism Top of Mind for Puteri Indonesia Foundation at International Pageants

SEPTEMBER 09, 2021

Jakarta. Puteri Indonesia Foundation has come a long way since it was established by Mooryati Soedibyo —founder of cosmetics giant Mustika Ratu— back in 1992. 

The foundation has mentored many Indonesian girls in representing the country at international beauty contests. 

The public has also showered the girls with love and support as the Puteri Indonesia Foundation sends them off to compete in Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Supranational. It is no other than to promote Indonesia as a vast, dignified, and culturally rich country. 

And so, it was no surprise when Miss Supranational Creative Director Andre Sleigh's insulting remark on Indonesia sparked anger among Indonesian netizens. The Puteri Indonesia Foundation has demanded the Miss Supranational Organization for clarification.

"We have contacted and sent a letter to the Miss Supranational Organization professionally and with good intentions for an apology and clarification to the Puteri Indonesia Foundation, as well as the entire Indonesian people and nation,” Mega Angkasa, the spokesperson at the Puteri Indonesia Foundation, said on Thursday, as quoted from a press statement.

According to Mega, the achievements the Indonesian contestants attained at the international pageants are solely to promote Indonesia in the eyes of the world. These accomplishments would also not have been possible without the public support.

“We have accomplished numerous great feats including cracking the Miss Universe Top 10, places first in Miss International, becoming the second runner-up in Miss Supranational. Not to mention taking home the best national costume award among others," Mega said.

The Puteri Indonesia Foundation comes to these pageants with a special mission, according to Mega.

And that is to promote Indonesia's products of the culture-based industry, tourism, and culture through clothing, jewelry, and cosmetics shown throughout the event.

The Indonesian contestants also seek to build friendship and solidarity with their foreign counterparts to promote world peace.

"This is a form of nationalism shown by the nation's children through Puteri Indonesia [as they take part] in international events," he said.

The Puteri Indonesia Foundation also thanked the Indonesian netizens, Miss Indonesia Supranational alumni, as well as the pageant lovers.

"Thank you for the support when these international contests took place. Also to the netizens who have worked hard in voting. All of their efforts were solely to bring honor to Indonesia,” Mega said.