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Nature's Beauty Inspires Mondial's New Diamond Collection

Jayanty Nada Shofa
November 12, 2020 | 3:58 pm
Cielo ring from Mondial. (Photo Courtesy of Mondial)
Cielo ring from Mondial. (Photo Courtesy of Mondial)

Jakarta. Diamond jeweler Mondial has launched five new collections inspired by nature's beauty to mark its 41st anniversary.

The first one is the Cielo collection, which consists of a necklace, ring, and earrings. From the Spanish word for sky, Cielo is inspired by the sky's grandeur.

Cielo necklace carries 60 grams of white gold and pure gold in a unique choker model. It can be worn as a fancy necklace, simple necklace, brooch, or a pendant depending on the occasion. Like the Sun in the vast sky, Cielo is adorned with a gold pendant at the center.

Nature's Beauty Inspires Mondial's New Diamond Collection
Cielo fancy necklace. (Photo Courtesy of Mondial)

Also in the collection is the Cielo ring, which is crafted in white gold and fancy-shaped diamonds. The circlet combines pear shape, marquise cut, princess cut, and round brilliant cut diamonds.

You can also rock the Cielo earrings either as a long drop model or a stud. Cielo earrings, however, are limited in number as they require great craftsmanship.


Nature's Beauty Inspires Mondial's New Diamond Collection
Nigella earrings. (Photo Courtesy of Mondial)

Flowers are the epitome of beauty and elegance. These traits are what Mondial is trying to radiate onto their Flore wearers. 

The stud earring collection comes in two designs, namely the Nigella and Zinnia. The Nigella design comes in eight symmetrical petals with sharp edges and a quarter curve. In comparison, the Zinnia earring has circular edges similar to the actual flower.

Nature's Beauty Inspires Mondial's New Diamond Collection
Zinnia earrings. (Photo courtesy of Mondial)


Nature's Beauty Inspires Mondial's New Diamond Collection
Fluente bracelet. (Photo Courtesy of Mondial)

Inspired by the stillness of the water, Fluente's design takes the form of water droplets. The Fluente collection features diamonds cut into pear and marquise shapes and a round brilliant-cut diamond. The collection consists of a necklace, earrings, bracelet, and a ring, perfect for a minimalist and clean look.

La Luce

Nature's Beauty Inspires Mondial's New Diamond Collection
Alba earrings from the La Luce collection. (Photo Courtesy of Mondial)

The La Luce collection, whose name is taken from the Italian word for 'light,' consists of three stud earring models. La Luce earrings feature white gold and rare diamond in pear, marquise, and round cuts. The three models - Alba, Giorno, and Sera - represent the light at different times of the day. With the sparkly Alba studs, for instance, Mondial tries to recreate the morning sunlight.


Nature's Beauty Inspires Mondial's New Diamond Collection
Bangle necklace from the Lucente collection. (Photo Courtesy of Mondial)

Last but not least, to spruce up your jewelry box is the Lucente collection.

In this necklace series, Mondial takes inspiration from the stars which light up the night sky.

To portray the star sparkles, the collection features Mondial's excellent-cut (MEC) diamonds. These MEC diamonds are high-grade diamonds rated under 49 parameters. Mondial has obtained triple excellent scores for its diamond cut, polish, and symmetry, making Lucente sparkle from every direction.

For more information on the new collection, please visit Mondial's official website.

The collections are also available for purchase in Mondial Jeweler stores in Plaza Indonesia and Plaza Senayan in Jakarta, as well as Tunjungan Plaza 4 in Surabaya.

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