Chief of Presidential Staff General TNI Purn. Dr. Moeldoko speaks at the recent Satu Data Indonesia WebSummit. (Photo Courtesy of Huawei)

One Data Indonesia Policy and E-Government Implementation Require the Support from Technology Providers like Huawei

JULY 11, 2021

Jakarta. All stakeholders believe that implementing e government (SPBE) will be key to efficient, high-quality, transparent, and accountable  public services by making use of efficiently integrated data from both central and  regional governments. 

The belief was affirmed at the second day of the Satu Data Indonesia WebSummit on e-government for national economic recovery. The WebSummit, held virtually and saw 1,400 participants in attendance, presented Chief of Presidential Staff General  TNI Purn. Dr. Moeldoko, Minister of National Development Planning/Head of Bappenas Dr. Ir. H. Suharso Monoarfa, Minister of Administrative and  Bureaucratic Reform H. Tjahjo Kumolo, SH., and Indonesian Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia Drs. Djauhari Oratmangun as keynote speakers. 

Kicking off the second day of the WebSummit, Chairman of the Indonesian Big  Data Association (ABDI), Dr. Rudi Rusdiah M.A, revealed that the e-government  infrastructure – which is due in 2021 according to the government’s timeframe – is  facing diverse challenges that require solutions from stakeholders. He called for the  involvement of ICT providers such as Huawei, XL Axiata, BigBox, and other technology developers to create efficiencies in the implementation of SPBE. 

“We hope that Huawei Indonesia and other technology providers’ support will accelerate the integration of the many siloed and scattered data centers. We also  expect the right ICT solutions to help the government answer various challenges with regard to the construction of e-government infrastructures such as IT budget savings,  utilization, capacities, scalability, and standardization demands as stipulated in the regulations,” Dr. Rudi said. 


Considering the increasingly critical role played by e-government and national data  integration, Chief of Presidential Staff General TNI Purn. Dr. Moeldoko conveyed his appreciation for the Satu Data Indonesia WebSummit as initiated by ABDI and supported by technology providers and industry players including Huawei, XL  Axiata, BRI, Telkom Indonesia, and other companies. 

“E-government and integrated data management using the most advanced  technologies as dictated by the Satu Data Indonesia policy becomes a necessity to  realize the great vision of an Advanced, Innovation-Based Indonesia. This will also  navigate important decision- and policymaking to lay the bedrock for efficient,  effective, and accountable governance as well as public services,” Dr. Moeldoko said. 

He further said such initiatives not only increased the government’s data integrity and  pushed for the betterment of public services, but also acted as a momentum for all  stakeholders, including the private sector, to reaffirm their commitment towards the  leapfrogging that aims for an Advanced Indonesia by the year 2045. In his remarks, he also conveyed his appreciation to Huawei, and in particular to Jacky Chen, the CEO of Huawei Indonesia for the support and commitment.

In response to the call for ICT solutions providers to help make SPBE and the Satu  Data Indonesia policy a success, CEO of Huawei Indonesia, Jacky Chen, declared  the company’s readiness to contribute; it had been Huawei’s long-term commitment  since its establishment in Indonesia over 20 years ago to provide solutions and share  its global expertise towards Indonesia’s strong, self-governed data sovereignty as well as integrated data system that enables the country’s digital leapfrog to a global  economic powerhouse by 2045. 

“We have the most sophisticated technologies, experts in ICT solutions development,  and at Huawei ASEAN Academy, the most comprehensive and advanced training  facilities in Asia Pacific. With that in mind, we are ready to support stakeholders in e government and integration of central and government data in accordance with the  Satu Data Indonesia policy. We are certain that the effective implementation of e government will help the government streamline bureaucratic processes, create  transparencies, and most importantly increase the quality of public services which will  greatly support national economic recovery efforts, especially due to the global  pandemic,” Jacky said. 

Indonesian Ambassador to
Indonesian Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia Drs. Djauhari Oratmangun speaks at the recent Satu Data Indonesia WebSummit. (Photo Courtesy of Huawei)

Indonesian Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China and Mongolia,  Drs. Djauhari Oratmangun said, “Satu Data Indonesia and e-government as  national priorities are key strategic initiatives to accelerate digital transformation in the  270-million-strong nation.” 

“All the support we need can be obtained from global digital leaders that have been  present and contributed towards ecosystem development, such as Huawei Indonesia. For over two decades, Huawei has played an important part in developing ICT  infrastructures and prepared digital leaders. Its expertise has been proven in many  countries – including its country of origin, China.” 

“Most importantly, we are leveraging 70 years of diplomatic relations between  Indonesia and China and nearly one decade of comprehensive strategic partnership  with the nation of 162 unicorns by adopting foremost innovations such as AI, Big Data,  IoT, cloud, and 5G developed by Chinese companies to prepare a more mature digital  ecosystem in Indonesia,” Djauhari elaborated further.