(Photo Courtesy of Ovutest)

Ovutest Offers 5 Kits to Identify Your Fertile Time

NOVEMBER 15, 2021

Jakarta. Identifying your fertile days is key in baby planning.

Women have a higher chance of conceiving on their fertile days. A woman is at her fertile time when an ovum egg is released and ready to be fertilized by a sperm.

This is why the fertile period is something that cannot be missed when planning for a pregnancy.

There are available ovulation kits to help you find out your fertility status like Ovutest. You can also use the Femometer app to keep track of your menstrual cycle, and use Ovutest products to predict your fertile days or ovulation.

Ovulation tests use three samples, namely urine, basal body temperature, and saliva. 

Ovutest offers various products that can detect fertility status using those three samples.

Ovutest Strip

This single-use ovulation kit uses urine samples to detect a surge in luteinizing hormone (LH), which triggers ovulation. 

Place drops of urine on the container. Take the test between 10.00 a.m. and 8 p.m. Make sure that the urine sample is not your first time urinating on that day. Dip the white part of the Ovutest Strip onto the urine sample for five seconds and wait for the results.

One line in the kit means that you are not on your fertile days. Two faint or dark lines indicate that you are ovulating and are encouraged to have intercourse regularly.

Ovutest 7 Days Plan

The Ovutest 7 Days has a similar testing method to its Strip counterpart. 

Both use strip kits and urine samples. However, the Ovutest 7 Days Plan encompasses seven strips to be used throughout the week, a pregnancy kit, and a urine container.  

The Ovutest 7 Days Plan is perfect for couples who are planning for a baby. But you have to take the test for seven consecutive days, and at the same time every day.

Ovutest Digital

As the name suggests, the Ovutest Digital uses technology to identify your fertile time. The kit uses a urine sample to detect an LH surge. Similar to its aforementioned counterparts, make sure that it is not the first urine of the day.

To use, place the stick on the test reader and open the stick’s cap. A water symbol will appear on screen. Dip the stick on the urine sample for 10 seconds or pour directly for three seconds. Place it on a flat surface. 

Ovutest Digital will display your result as a yes/no on the window to indicate if you are ovulating.

Ovutest Scope

Ovutest offers reusable ovulation test kits, namely Ovutest Scope and Ovutest Vinca.

The Ovutest Scope uses saliva samples to determine fertility status. Female hormones have a saliva physiology, hence the difference in the saliva crystals during your fertile time.

To use Ovutest Scope, swab the scope's lens directly below your tongue to obtain a saliva sample. Allow it to dry for 30 to 60 minutes. Turn the scope and observe the image results. 

You are likely to be on your fertile days if a fern-like pattern appears. If not, the image will display a pebble-like pattern.

Ovutest Vinca

The basal body temperature refers to a person's temperature in the morning when they have just woken up before doing any activity. Women can find out if they are ovulating through their basal body temperature.

Ovutest Vinca is a special thermometer to measure basal body temperature. 

A woman's basal body temperature will rise 0.5 degrees celcius if they are on their fertile days. It is best to measure basal body temperature with the Ovutest Vinca right after waking up. The test result will immediately sync with the Femometer app.

For more information, visit Ovutest's official website at www.ovutest.co.id. You can also check out its official Instagram account @ovutest_id.