The recent kick off ceremony for the 2022 Digital Talent BUMN program. (Photo Courtesy of Telkom)

Pijar Mahir Helps SOEs Foster Digital Talents

NOVEMBER 01, 2022

Jakarta. Telkom’s digital learning platform Pijar Mahir is helping state-owned enterprises, or SOEs, foster their digital talents, which would drive the growth of Indonesia at Forum Digital Indonesia (Fordigi).

According to a press release, the Fordigi forum aims to spur world-class digital talents in SOEs. SOE Minister Erick Thohir launched the program this April and throughout October, Fordigi has conducted a series of programs to boost the capabilities of the digital talents in Indonesia's SOEs. Fordigi recently kicked off with an overview of the forum and a sharing session on data security. About 41 representatives of the HCM and IT in Indonesia's SOEs. 

"Promoting the SOE digital talent program is Fordigi's effort to bridge and help hone SOEs digital talents. This aligns with the SOE Minister's vision that 20 percent of the SOE talents must have digital capabilities by 2024," Fordigi chair and Telkom Indonesia digital business director Fajrin Rasyid said.

Tedi Bharata, the deputy for human resources and IT at the SOE Ministry, highlighted the importance of digital talents. He added, "the first thing we do now is to do our very own mapping, our respective versions of digital talents."


"We need to pinpoint where we are now, and what we currently do. Then we will move forward towards the 20-percent roadmap," Tedi said.

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According to Digital Capacity Building I chief Panji Winanteya Ruky, Fordigi has finalized its partnership with Pijar Mahir.

"On the [Pijar Mahir platform], we can take virtual classes, get certifications, and all these can be specifically designed to the needs of each respective SOE," Panji said.

Pijar Mahir enables SOE talents to access learning materials such as videos, quizzes, texts, and many more. Digital talents will get a certificate once they complete the post-test. This collaboration is set to nurture 200,000 SOE digital talents by 2024.

The digital talent program encompasses certifying SOE digital talents, developing digital capabilities through a learning platform, and forming a digital talent community within the SOE ecosystem.

The digital talent program takes place in two phases. The program starts off with digital talent mapping. Followed by the learning phase at the Digital Talent Hub, in which participants hone their skills and knowledge on digital marketing, digital supply chain, digital business, cloud computing, cybersecurity, data science and analytics, AI & ML, etc.

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