(Photo Courtesy of Pluang)

Pluang Advocates Youth Financial Literacy at Y20 Forum

APRIL 28, 2022

Jakarta. Ronny Hutahayan, the Chief of Special Projects at investment app Pluang, recently took the stage of a  Youth 20 or Y20 forum to highlight the importance of promoting youth digital financial awareness and literacy.

The second of Pre-Summit Y20 Indonesia 2022 in Lombok took a deep dive into digital transformation issues among youths. The discussion on Saturday centered on raising the youth's digital financial awareness. Ronny said that the theme aligned with Pluang's mission to promote financial literacy and inclusion.


"Our mission at Pluang is to change wealth management with a multi-asset investment platform that is easy to use and supported by a trustworthy community. We would like to democratize access to wealth management — something that was only available to the privileged in the past," Ronny told the Y20 Pre-Summit in Lombok on Saturday.

The number of retail investors across all stock markets and crypto investments has been growing in the past year. This makes improving digital financial literacy and awareness among youths crucial. Ronny went on to say that digital transformation is inevitable, and it is only getting even faster.

"As global youths, we have to be at the forefront in this innovation," Ronny said.

He also called for collaboration between all parties to promote financial inclusion. 

According to Ronny, all stakeholders —including the academia and industry players— should work together to boost financial literacy, which will eventually result in better financial inclusion.

Kicking off the Y20 Pre-Summit were Youth and Sports Minister Zainudin Amali. In his remarks, Zainudin called for the young generation to improve their literacy of digital financial services.

At the same forum, Y20 Indonesia 2022 Co-Chair Budy Sugandi underscored the youth’s role in building an inclusive digital transformation for all. 

“The voice of youths is the voice of the present and future. What we produce today and tomorrow are not only the voice of the young people in Indonesia and G20 countries, but the voice of young people around the world,” Y20 Indonesia 2022 co-chair Budy Sugandi said.