(Photo Courtesy of Nord and Smith)

Predictions 2022: The Revolution of the Outdoor Advertising Industry

DECEMBER 09, 2021

Jakarta. Out-of-home media is the world's oldest form of advertising, and although it is seeing many changes in terms of its format, the same advancement is not seen in its data analytics side, especially here in Indonesia. Most services only provide data to a very limited number of outdoor media and do not have an inventory of nationwide outdoor media that is measurable via the same set of KPIs or parameters. Therefore Nord and Smith, an ad tech company specialising in outdoor media data analytics and investments, is launching this year with Indonesia's largest measurable out-of-home media inventory, revolutionising the outdoor advertising industry in Indonesia.

Just like the Ojek industry, the out-of-home media in Indonesia is a very old and mature industry. And today it exists in the same way Ojek was about a decade ago, the out-of-home industry is leniently regulated, hyper cluttered, and does not have a technology-based ecosystem to support the entire infrastructure of the industry. This has a high impact on key stakeholders in the industry. First, media owners find it difficult to be able to determine which areas are actually suitable for outdoor advertising. Second, brand managers are afraid of having too high outdoor ad spending since it's difficult to get accurate data to report, especially when the ad campaign is conducted nationwide. Third, out-of-home media become very cluttered since there is no way to identify potential areas, and the only way to know is to build the site and see how well it will sell.

This industry needs and will go through a big change in 2022. Much more advanced and accurate data is expected by brands when investing in outdoor ads. In addition, with data we will be able to determine which outdoor media is effective to spread a message across Indonesia, this will significantly help stakeholders such as the government to spread public services announcements to every Indonesian nationwide. outdoor media sites in Indonesia, a revolution to the outdoor media industry in Indonesia.

The pandemic has impacted the advertising industry significantly and changed the behaviour of how companies interact with its consumers. Moreover, with the increased fragmentation and falling number of viewers of TV, and the increased cost of digital ads which increases about 12 percent yearly from a report by CNBC, out-of-home media remains to be an indispensable choice for advertisers when developing campaigns.

Kavindra Airlangga, CEO of Nord & Smith, believes that the revolution of OOH has already started in Europe driven by key players of the industry such as JCDecaux, and in the US we see growth in outdoor media data analytics services that is invested by high-profile investors like Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit. Government regulations such as the European GDPR has also accelerated the need for outdoor media data, thus, the integration between big data and outdoor media will be the key to starting the revolution of OOH. Therefore, according to the CEO, a graduate from Grenoble Graduate School of Business in Paris, France, Nord & Smith is established as the number 1 OOH marketing partner in Indonesia by providing technology that integrates big data with the world of outdoor media.

In 2022, for the first time ever in Indonesia, businesses of all sizes can plan, invest, and monitor outdoor campaigns across Indonesia, analysing its impression, reach, and audience profile data, enabled by Nord and Smith. Over the last 3 years, Nord and Smith has captured impression and reach data in Indonesia and developed a platform that outdoor advertisers can interact with to analyse over 4000 outdoor media sites in Indonesia.

Learn more about the services and data provided by Nord and Smith at www.nordandsmith.com.