(Photo Courtesy of Qlue)

Qlue’s Intelligent Mobility System Named As 2022 World’s Best Smart City Model

APRIL 05, 2022

Jakarta. Qlue, the most comprehensive smart city ecosystem provider in Indonesia, successfully achieved an international award for its smart city technology.

The newest acknowledgement came from GO SMART Awards 2022 through Qlue’s implementation for “Intelligent Mobility System For Township Management'' at Alam Sutera areas in Tangerang, Banten. Qlue also became the one and only company from South East Asia to win the award.

Founder and CEO Qlue Rama Raditya said, this international acknowledgement was proof that solutions developed by Qlue have a significant value and bring positive impact with international standards. The technology of the “Intelligent Mobility System for Township Management” concept has become the new standard for a modern and impactful traffic management model for the society. 

“We are very grateful for the appreciation from the GO SMART Award 2022 on our solution. This award has become our new supplement to everyone at Qlue to keep being innovated in order to bring inclusive solutions to society. Innovation and creativity are the keys of Qlue to actualize its vision to accelerate positive changes in Indonesia, and also worldwide,” Rama said.


The 2022 GO SMART Award was held in Taipei, Taiwan, along with the 2022 Smart City Summit & Expo this March. This annual event was initiated by Global Organization of Smart Cities (GO SMART), a global organization of 94 city administrators and 110 smart cities companies worldwide, fully supported by the Taipei City Administrator.

Qlue’s solution for implementation of traffic management model in township area at Alam Sutera Tangerang, has attracted the juries among other 14 finalists from dozens of countries. The implementation of the project has successfully reduced the traffic level upto 35 percent by Dynamic Traffic Controller and Illegal Parking Detection technology. 

(Photo Courtesy of Qlue)
(Photo Courtesy of Qlue)

Utilization of Dynamic Traffic Controller’s solution on the intersection successfully reduced the average of waiting time upto 47 percent prior to the implementation. Other than that, the Illegal Parking Detection’s solution, supported by smart-speakers, also successfully reduced the illegal park level by 42 percent. The added value of these Intelligent Mobility System is its impact to reduce the carbon emission which directly encourages a healthier living environment for its citizens. 

According to the World Bank, it was predicted that by 2050 more than 70 percent of world citizens will prefer to live in urban areas, which will contribute to the traffic density. Along with the Transportation Ministry of Indonesia, the traffic jam will contribute to energy waste of 2,5 million liter of gasoline each day which costly around Rp71,4 trillion per annum on Indonesian metropolitan areas (Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan, dan Makassar). 

GO SMART secretary general Leo Cheng-yu Lee said, the jury recognized that Alam Sutera, as one of the growing urban areas in South Tangerang, Indonesia, identified the impacts of population growth and density to the urban transportation, and then adopted the smart technology introducing the “Intelligent Mobility System” - an AIoT based solution to help the city monitor and respond to real-time traffic conditions, with its efficacies not only decreasing traffic congestion by 35 percent, reducing gas emission, but also bringing in better mobility experience and better environment for its citizen.

"Such a kind of attitude and execution in addressing the rising urban transportation issue in the emerging economy, like Indonesia, should be well-encouraged.  2022 GO SMART Award Jury would like to promote this successful story and invite all the big or emerging cities in the developing and/or less developed countries to work together to pursue much smarter and better urban lives for their citizens,” Lee said.

The implementation of Qlue’s solutions has also increased significantly per year. In 2021, Qlue successfully recorded client acquisition up to 30 percent prior to the previous year. The implementation of Qlue’s solution was also spreaded on 85 cities, or boosted 200 percent compared to the 2020 when implemented in 28 regions. Qlue’s solution also successfully penetrated the global market by the implementation in Minamichita, Japan.