Recycle Me relaunch event in Jakarta on Oct. 20, 2022. From left to right, Managing Director of Waste4Change Mohamad Bijaksana Junoresano, Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability Director for Indonesia and PNG Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Lucia Karina, Director of Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability PT Coca-Cola Indonesia Triyono Prijosoesilo, and Chairman of Mahija Parahita Nusantara Foundation Hery Gunawan. (JG Photo/Jayanty Nada Shofa)

Recycle Me: Coca-Cola Nudges Consumers to Recycle Used Bottles

NOVEMBER 01, 2022

Jakarta. Soft drinks giant Coca-Cola is aiming to collect more post-consumer bottles in another rerun of its Recycle Me campaign, in which the company plans to instill recycling habits among its consumers. This program is in partnership with the Mahija Parahita Nusantara Foundation and Waste4Change as part of Coca-Cola Indonesia’s ongoing efforts to inspire and drive change in the collection and recycling of PET plastic bottles.

One of Coca-Cola’s approaches to creating a “World Without Waste” is to collect every can or bottle for every one it sells by 2030. To this end, Coca-Cola once again is nudging consumers to help recycle their used polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles in exchange for rewards.

“Circular economy is not simply building infrastructure, but it is about developing a mindset,” Triyono Prijosoesilo, the Director of Public Affairs, Communications, and Sustainability at Coca-Cola Indonesia, recently told the press in Jakarta.

The first edition of the Recycle Me campaign ran from October to December 2021. Coca-Cola reported that it drew more than 220 kilograms of plastic bottles from thousands of participants last year.


“We have not set a specific target for this year. But by working with Mahija Parahita Nusantara’s collection centers, hopefully, the collected bottles can be greater in volume, or even double or triple,” Triyono said.

This year, the Recycle Me campaign will last until Dec. 31. 

Consumers only need to send 6 used PET plastic bottles of any Coca-Cola brands —including the mineral water Ades and bottled tea Frestea— to the 8 collection centers under the waste management non-profit organization Mahija Parahita Nusantara. They can find these collection centers across Jakarta, Tangerang, and Bekasi. 

Mahija will then send the collected bottles to Amandina Bumi Nusantara’s recycling facility in Cikarang to be later processed and recycled. The Amandina Bumi Nusantara is a joint venture between the bottler Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) and packaging firm Dynapack Asia.

Amandina Bumi Nusantara will soon enter operation and is expected to have a starting recycling capacity of 15,000 tons a year. This annual recycling capacity will grow to 25,000 tons in 2023. 

To join this program, consumers only need to go to the Recycle Me official website. Then click on the banner to sign up for the Waste4Change app. The first 3,000 consumers will have a shipping subsidy of up to Rp 30,000. Consumers will earn reward points redeemable for mobile credit, electricity credit, and e-wallet worth up to Rp 25,000 at participating merchants.

For more information, visit Recycle Me Coca-Cola website.