Sasa will donate Rp 200 million to combat malnutrition for 1 million signatures. (Photo Courtesy of Sasa Inti)

Sasa Holds Petition for a Healthier Indonesia


MARCH 22, 2021

Jakarta. Indonesian seasoning company Sasa Inti is holding a petition to combat malnutrition in the country.

Consuming enough nutritions is necessary amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, not everyone has easy access to nutritious foods. According to the 2018 Basic Health Research, Indonesia’s undernutrition prevalence stood at 17.7 percent.

To this end, Sasa launched the “Healthier Indonesia” campaign to gather 1 million signatures for a donation of Rp 200 million (around $13,878). The donation will go to a signer-recommended institution for better nutrition in the country. The campaign is also part of Sasa's support to the country in pursuit of their centennial "Golden Indonesia 2045" goal.

“For every one vote in this petition, funds will be automatically distributed to help improve nutritions in Indonesia,” Sasa Inti marketing general manager Albert Dinata wrote in a statement on Monday.

“People can also recommend the institution who will receive the donation to improve nutrition and prevent stunting," he said.

Those who sign the petition have the chance to win a lottery with prizes such as a Samsung TV, a Modena Stove, an iPhone 12 Pro, and three Minka frying pan sets. Anyone interested in signing the petition can visit this link.

Recently, Sasa has also launched a new vitamin-packed seasoned flour.

According to Albert, the new “Sasa Tepung Bumbu Bervitamin'' is the answer to Indonesians' dilemma of wanting to consume their beloved deep fried snacks or gorengan, but want to maintain their health. The Drug Food Supervisory Agency (BPOM) has also given their green light for the new flour.

“Research shows that with the right technology, [contents such as] iron, zinc, B2 and B9 vitamin, and dietary fibers on our seasoned flour do not disappear despite going through a frying process,” Albert said.

“Thus, the Indonesian people can enjoy their favorite dish [deep fried snacks] while having complete nutritions for stronger immunity and other benefits.”