Remote consultation with a licensed doctor on the SehatQ app. (Photo Courtesy of SehatQ)

SehatQ Combines Practicality and Credibility in Digital Healthcare


FEBRUARY 22, 2020

Jakarta. While many praise digital healthcare for its practicality, the technology's lack of credibility is still frowned upon by some. 

It is evident how technology has revolutionized healthcare in various aspects. Patients can schedule their appointments at their fingertips. Diagnosis can be made through the limited interactions of mobile chat. Health and medical information are also available to be read. While it is deemed practical mainly by the working-age that cannot make the time for a doctor's visit, the medical practitioners online must be trustworthy, because a misdiagnosis can lead to severe complications.

In 2017, the Ministry of Health declared the spread of medical hoaxes to be a severe problem and organized a team to monitor all sorts of misinformation on healthcare publications. With the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, the public is also more prone to fall for hoaxes.

To meet the public's demand for credibility when seeking medical assistance, Indonesian conglomerate Sinar Mas Group launched a healthcare app named SehatQ on both Android and iOS.

SehatQ works alongside members of the Indonesian Doctors Association, or IDI, whose medical expertise has been licensed by the Indonesian Medical Council. The app also has a directory of 5,226 medical articles that have been reviewed by medical experts before publishing.

First launched in 2019, the e-doctor app aims to combine both the practicality and credibility in digital healthcare.

"Free of charge. We are offering the public's healthcare needs in one application, including remote consultations through chats to booking a doctor's appointment to seek medical assistance at a hospital or clinic," SehatQ chief executive officer and founder Linda Wijaya said.

If the patient finds it difficult to describe their symptoms into words, they can upload an image onto the chat for further diagnosis. The forum also serves as a message board for people to discuss with medical experts and fellow patients.

In addition, the app helps its users to avoid the lengthy queues at hospitals when arranging for a doctor's appointment and purchasing medications. As of now, SehatQ has partnered with 24,469 doctors and 2,741 hospitals and clinics available to be booked online. Prescribed medications and vitamins can also be purchased and directly delivered to the user's location.