(Photo courtesy of SGS Indonesia)

SGS Teams Up with Madeinindonesia.com 

SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

Jakarta. International certification company SGS has joined hands with Indonesia’s upcoming B2B digital ecommerce platform, MadeinIndonesia.com, which seeks to globalize Indonesian companies and SMEs interested in B2B domestic and cross border trade.

MadeinIndonesia.com will have independent, quick and easy access to SGS Indonesia services, including seller verification, inspection, production monitoring, product testing, product conformity and certification services, to be used by international buyers interested in online sourcing and procurement from Indonesia.


This is the first time that SGS has digitalized its services in Indonesia. Buyers and sellers interested in a diverse range of services will be able to use Madeinindonesia.com platform to access them with a single click. SGS customers will have the ability to browse the ecommerce platform easily or pay online or chat privately with SGS staffers for more information.

Madeinindonesia.com platform serves as an e-commerce enabler and export accelerator for Indonesian companies interested in exporting their products and services overseas via an online shop, especially to non-traditional markets such as Africa and South America. 

It provides a secure, hassle free one-stop-shop solution for the end-to-end sourcing of authentic products and services, directly from handpicked manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and SMEs in Indonesia to domestic and international buyers, in bulk quantities at wholesale prices. 

Intelligently designed and developed, MadeinIndonesia.com addresses fierce market competition by providing a secure, fast, intelligent, reliable and user-friendly ecommerce website, connecting authentic Indonesian sellers directly to numerous global business giants and millions of potential buyers for e-trading anytime, anywhere.

In addition to our core services, SGS will offer MadeinIndonesia.com members specialized export training and seller specific data intelligence for product qualifications across 90 countries.

“The biggest challenge to buyers and sellers is the need to establish trust, and that this is especially true for international buyers,” said Ilyas Bhat, co-founder and CEO of MadeinIndonesia.com.

SGS is working closely with MadeinIndonesia.com to create dedicated services for the platform to ensure that transactions are transparent and hassle free and the interests of both buyers and sellers are protected.

For example, a buyer who is unsure about a seller can purchase seller verification and receive an independent report from SGS. 

“Our services will help e-businesses in Indonesia reduce production risks, delays, quality, packaging and shipping issues, and streamline the overall buying cycle,” Ilyas added.

Managing Director of SGS Mike Bruinsma said customer innovation is at the core of SGS strategy. 

“Through our partnership with MadeinIndonesia.com, we’re able to provide innovative services that facilitate online trade and provide buyers and sellers with confidence that their digital experience will be a positive one. We are delighted to be able to help Indonesian companies achieve further success,” Bruinsma said.

“We hope that this partnership will contribute to the Indonesian government’s efforts to help Indonesian exporters compete in today’s global market, despite uncertain economic conditions.”