Vice President Maruf Amin receives a visit by Shopee Indonesia director Handika Jahja at his office in Jakarta to discuss the involvement of shariah SMEs in the digital era. (Photo courtesy of Shopee)

Shopee Gears Up SMEs for Indonesia's Digital Economic Growth


DECEMBER 06, 2019

Jakarta. For Indonesia to be the “Digital Energy of Asia” by 2020, it is imperative to digitally gear up for small and medium enterprises development in the face of Industry 4.0, Vice Presiden Ma’ruf Amin has said.

The inclusion of SMEs in the digital era has always remained a top priority in the government’s agenda. This is due to the fact that SME businesses has a 60 percent share of the national GDP. 

Therefore, the vice president has addressed his mandate to synergize with private sectors, particularly to a specific digital-based enterprise, such as e-commerce, to strengthen Indonesia’s digital economic growth through the support of SMEs.

To further develop their mandates, the government decided to specifically liaise with e-commerce.

Indonesian e-commerce reportedly underwent a robust annual growth of 78 percent, which would serve as a golden opportunity for SMEs to thrive. To SMEs, having an online presence can accelerate their sales growth through its varied supporting programs and innovations. 

For instance, online marketplace Shopee provides innovative programs to support SMEs’ business performance and its growth through educational program approach, named Kampus Shopee. Shopee develops some insights on how to escalate its existence in adapting the business to be broadly integrated with a digital literacy improvement.

Vice President Maruf Amin and Shopee representatives in talks of how the government and e-commerce have joined hands to develop shariah SMEs. (Shopee Photo)
Vice President Maruf Amin, center, and Shopee representatives in talks discuss how the government and e-commerce have joined hands to further develop SMEs. (Photo courtesy of Shoppe)

Shopee’s initiative to engage and support SMEs has been appreciated by Vice President Ma’ruf Amin by conducting two meeting agendas in November 2019. 

At that time, Ma'ruf conveyed his appreciation towards Shopee’s support to Indonesia’s SMEs as aligned with the objective to develop Indonesia’s digital economic growth.

Handhika Jahja, Director of Shopee Indonesia, said his company was keen to support SME businesses to help spur Indonesia's economic growth rate.

“We are aware of Indonesia’s economic growth, which involves SMEs as one of the contributing factors that needs to be supported, hence we have conducted some of our innovative programs and innovations to effectively help engage our 40,000 assisted-SMEs in Indonesia through Kampus Shopee,” Handhika said.

He also said Shopee is committed to shaping SMEs for the global digital economy with several programs such as Kampus Shopee and Shopee Barokah; be it through digital literacy improvement or holding special events, such as the 12.12 Birthday Sale, to increase their sales.

To compromise further integration with the governmental institution, Shopee also explained several innovations that will be the focus of 2020 during the meeting.

Shopee Barokah was launched to tap the potentials im Sharia market, serving as a channel for Muslim lifestyle products and zakat, the obligatory alms-giving in Islam. The online marketplace has also been active in developing digital literacy among Sharia SMEs, supported by Shopee’s export program Kreasi Nusantara with a theme of "From Local to Global" that also allows the SMEs to reach a wider market range by exporting to Malaysia and Singapore.

Because of Shopee’s active participation in developing Shariah SMEs and Santripreneurs, the entrepreneurship program for students in Muslim boarding schools, the vice president conveyed his appreciation to Shopee for sustaining and developing its program existence.

“We hope that e-commerce like Shopee supports the acceleration of Sharia economy and finances in Indonesia for a continuous growth. The government supports those who put forward the local SMEs especially to encourage economic growth and development,” Ma’ruf said during the meeting in Jakarta.