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Sinar Mas, NEC Present Smart Digital Advertising in BSD City

April 12, 2022 | 5:36 pm
Sinar Mas Land's Living Lab and PT NEC Indonesia are teaming up to implement the Smart Digital Advertising (SDA) in Sinar Mas Land's smart city ecosystem. (Photo Courtesy of Sinar Mas Land)
Sinar Mas Land's Living Lab and PT NEC Indonesia are teaming up to implement the Smart Digital Advertising (SDA) in Sinar Mas Land's smart city ecosystem. (Photo Courtesy of Sinar Mas Land)

Tangerang. Sinar Mas Land's Living Lab and PT NEC Indonesia are teaming up to implement Smart Digital Advertising (SDA) in Sinar Mas Land's smart city ecosystem, according to a press statement.

Sinar Mas has installed the smart digital billboard at The Breeze and Pasar Modern in BSD City as the project's pilot areas. The real estate developer will later implement the advertising solution to all of its projects.

According to Sinar Mas, the SDA —smart digital billboards equipped with NEC Field Analyst Software— aims to disrupt conventional advertising businesses in Indonesia as the industry goes digital. SDA helps advertisers measure the effectiveness of offline advertising and consumer targeting.

Brands or companies often find it challenging to identify the effectiveness of advertisements. This is mainly due to problems in calculating the number of target consumers who get to see the ad. As a result, brands are unable to tailor their ads to target consumers of different demographics.

To this end, NEC's FieldAnalyst Software offers a real-time data report on the number of viewers and allows advertisers to pay the appropriate rate based on that amount.

"The technology implemented in SDA has further strengthened BSD City into a digital smart city. With SDA, we are expanding the scope of the smart city concept to the advertising business, which finds obstacles during this ongoing pandemic," Sinar Mas Land's Chief Transformation Officer Mulyawan Gani said in a press statement on Tuesday.

"Through the Sinar Mas Land’s Living Lab, we want to take advantage of as many technology-based platforms as possible to cater solutions for our modern urban communities,” Mulyawan added.

In its implementation, the existing SDA will be integrated with NEC's FieldAnalyst equipment to utilize information from CCTV or other cameras in real-time. NEC's biometric technology will then recognize faces and classify them by age group and gender.

However, the faces detected by this system are only used to identify profiles according to customer groups and no personal data information will be stored. This profiling process will allow the digital signage to play the most suitable advertisement for the person standing in front of it.

“Collaborating with Sinar Mas Land in expanding this latest SDA technology holds tremendous potential for NEC. Sinar Mas Land has built the best smart city in Indonesia, and NEC's FieldAnalyst technology can bring smart advertisement solutions that can be applied to various aspects of business that complements the lifestyle of modern society in Indonesia," NEC Indonesia president director Joji Yamamoto said.

According to the press release, NEC was one of the first companies in the world to develop and commercialize facial recognition technology with high accuracy, even when wearing masks in response to the spread of Covid-19.

Its biometric technology can be used as a digital ID, digital payments based on facial recognition, or create secure and seamless access control across Sinar Mas Land, especially in BSD City properties and its digital business ecosystem.

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