The launch of the new facilities at Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) Kemang Village in Jakarta on April 27, 2022. (B1 Photo/Hendro D Situmorang)

SPH Kemang Village Welcomes Back Students with New Facilities


APRIL 27, 2022

Jakarta. Sekolah Pelita Harapan or SPH Kemang Village on Wednesday launched new facilities to welcome students back to school for in-person classes.

During the pandemic-driven remote learning, SPH made some renovations and added a number of new facilities. SPH has finished renovating its cafeteria, indoor court, playground, outdoor court, and the entire first floor. 


"These new spaces will help students transition back to a more normal school experience and help them rebuild a connection with their peers after a long period of isolation," Mark Thiessen, the head of school at SPH kemang Village, said in Jakarta on Wednesday.

According to Thiessen, the new facilities at SPH Kemang Village are carefully designed for a holistic and comprehensive education. The children's playground, for instance, is designed to boost the children's motor and physical development.

“Our partner has accommodated our vision of an ideal children's playground with the addition of some new elements that are more 'challenging' such as ropes, balancing and climbing [equipment]," Thiessen said.

He added the new elements could also help the children develop their creative side.

Students have been taking virtual classes for almost two years and now they are returning to face-to-face learning.

"As we go back to school for in-person learning, we want to get the students excited again with the new facilities. We want SPH students to grow well in this school," SPH executive director Matthew Mann said.

SPH Kemang Village also hoped these new elements could motivate the children to take risks and explore their adventurous side safely.

A number of studies have highlighted the importance of school facilities to the learning process. Supportive school facilities, coupled with a state of the art curriculum design and quality teachers, can boost the student's learning at school, especially to recover from the pandemic-induced learning loss.