Link Net's content & e-sports director Ferliana Suminto, center, announces new First Media channels on European football competition Champions League and Europa League in Jakarta in September. (B1 Photo/Mohammad Defrizal)

Staying at Home Can Be Fun: First Media Adds 28 New TV Channels

DECEMBER 17, 2019

Jakarta. Cable television and high-speed broadband internet provider First Media has added 28 new channels of high definition quality throughout the year to enhance viewing experience in a wide range of contents.

With more than 200 channels, First Media, a brand owned by Link Net, offers more HD channels than any other pay TV provider in Indonesia.


“The additional 28 channels in First Media this year prove our commitment to bringing 
one-stop best entertainment solution to our customers. As the reach of our services is expanding, we also continue enhancing the viewing experience by adding a new lineup of HD channels from various genres,” Marlo Budiman, chief executive and president director of Link Net, said in a statement on Tuesday.

Firs Media has a wide variety of contents including educational programs, entertainment, news, music, lifestyle, box office, sports, e-sports and kids channels. 

Football enthusiasts can now enjoy three premium channels of top flight European competitions and world football in Champions TV 1 and 2 and First Football. The First Warrior channel is among the latest genres of television program specializing in e-sports.

For those with a fond memory of the 1970s and 1980s TV series, “Hits” channel reruns the likes of legendary shows such as “Who’s the Boss”, “The Nanny” and “Little House on the Prairie”. Latest box office movies and television series continue running on long existing Fox and HBO channels.

The new channels widen choices for Hollywood, Bollywood, Indonesian, Korean and oriental movies.

Discovery Channel’s DMAX, Smithsonian and TechStorm are exclusively broadcast by First Media for its Indonesian viewers among the new selections.

“We want to increase channel selections for our customers. The 2019 Indonesia Millennial Report by IDN Research Institute tells that television is the most frequently accessed media platform by the millennial generation with a stunning figure of 97 percent, followed by digital media at 54.5 percent,” Ferliana Suminto, Link Net’s content and e-sports director, said.

“Those new channels are part of First Media’s strategy to present the best content to our customers.  We will continue innovating for a fully complete entertainment package for the Indonesian families,” she said.