(Photo Courtesy of Tokopedia)

Survey Names Tokopedia as the E-Commerce Offering Fastest Delivery

APRIL 19, 2022

Jakarta. A recent survey run by global market research firm Ipsos named Indonesian e-commerce platform Tokopedia to have the fastest delivery compared to its counterparts in the country.

The Ipsos survey saw participation from 1,051 respondents across 15 major cities in Indonesia. The survey took place in-person between Jan. 12-21, 2022. As many as 52 percent of respondents said that Tokopedia was the e-commerce with the fastest delivery. 


According to Lioni Halim, Ipsos Brand Health Tracking Research Director in Indonesia, the delivery services are crucial to shopping experience and customer satisfaction.

“Having many delivery service options will satisfy the customers. Especially when the delivery service is good, swift, and easy to track. This survey shows Tokopedia's delivery services are ahead of the other e-commerce brands,” Lioni Halim said on Monday, as quoted from local news outlet Tribun News.

Lioni added that delivery service also affected the customer’s decision in choosing which e-commerce site to shop at.

This delivery service encompasses delivery time, courier options, and package tracking. These three things are all interrelated and crucial to the customers’ shopping experience and their satisfaction.

Tokopedia ranked first on the Ipsos survey in terms of the best parcel tracking feature, with 29 percent of the respondents in agreement. About 33 percent of the respondents reported that Tokopedia had the most delivery options compared to other e-commerce.

Another key factor to customer’s satisfaction is the product’s quality. The Ipsos survey showed that 74 percent agreed that the products offered in Tokopedia had good quality.

Once a customer is dissatisfied with the product’s quality, they may shift to other online stores or the e-commerce’s competitors, according to Lioni. 

“That is why an ecommerce platform should check on their products’ quality,” Lioni said